E1 Era 39 Discussion


Nope, you are dead to us. We don’t want anything to do with people who can’t be trusted.


@All Bae members I told you


Actually, it’s that last part, not the girl part… Never recruit 2 people who have a problem with each other. That’s begging for problems. Some of the best players I’ve played with over the years have been girls.

Dan - As of right now, it’s true. Your head on a virtual pike as of right now doesn’t mean too much. You did this a few years ago, it pretty much meant you no longer play battledawn and find a new game. Because you’d have people like PLO or ICEMAN hunting you down every era and funding teams just to kill yours. But that was a community driven affect. But different times, different play styles. Being able to pull off a battlehug era used to be an extremely hard feat. However, what I don’t really understand is why you guys didn’t just steal the leadership away… you had majority… you could of kept everything intact, quickly taken over and booted those you didn’t want, etc. I mean, whatever, it worked either way. Just seemed like 1 additional complication.

Bane - I am actually curious. How did you not snap at Wri for pulling those type of tactics? I get butthurt over simple sniping incidences. I understand not wanting to go back on your words; I’ve gotten to this point without betraying anyone (though of course, some will argue that). Just lots of double talk and loopholes :heart:

Anywho, everyone learned things hopefully. As it should always be. Let the consequences of actions dictate what’s right and wrong. If we’re using Milan as an example as others have, he betrayed his own teams COUNTLESS times. Yet most don’t look at that when pointing the finger at him (just his alleged cheating and whether or not he did it on prior eras). If you can walk the walk, then talk the talk.


From Andres Batista.
Say my name enough times and i will appear. As we all know i have been absent from this drama and will continue to be absent because of the national emergency i am in.

A good friend of mine has sent me pics of this forum post and i am one to say that this is shocking…

Dan. I may be half the player than you, but i am 5x the person you are and will ever be, with loyalty to their words.

Horo. You are a manipulative individual who the only reason for attacking wri was because there was a colony named “lawmpyyyyyy”

Regarding the stab. This dirty stab was loosely justified with wri not deserving top 2 right? Well i will have you know wri helped immensely against the GOD war were you see dan le lemming abandon the team he is leading at the first sight of defeat.

Regarding MERC. We were supposedly defending against nano during that useless merc quarrel because i came to the understanding that nano and merc were allied and are now at war. We were neutral in that and we remained neutral till the end. After that was finished we abided by the treaty to give up relics and end the era.

Horo and lemmings decided that letting a colony named lawmpyyy get second was unacceptable and proceeded to stab their own team for a second time and my team.

When i comeback from this disaster i assure you horo and dan that you will both be kneeling down and kissing the toenails of my feet. Ive had enough with your idiotic quarrels

This msg will be relayed to another person since i am still unable to load a webpage


Honestly I’m kind of shocked at this too. I was semi-openly building a coalition to try to fight NaNo while all of this was going on (early August); Bae backed out the tick it was supposed to occur because their leader was an absolute idiot and their team was sad and pathetic (still can’t believe they actually believed they would be geting “Free blues” or whatever the heck it is). After that fell through, myself and Wri decided to have some fun and be as annoying as possible. Clearly, our plan to annoy Horo by gating into Svalbard worked xD

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea why Bane thought he could appease both “sides” in this. In the end, he got played and lost the respect of everybody. I’ve been calling that this was going to happen for literally over a month, from the moment it was clear that Horo was being picked up by Bane’s team.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck… It’s a duck. What is the common denominator in all of this drama?

This is no longer my problem, not my circus not my monkeys.


@Malicewolf we stabbed without telling anyone and they only joined after we took eu/africa/asia. Wasn’t sure how much of them would come, we were thinking maybe only TaTTe would come, baz is here but he’s not even playing.

@Sakrie - i really dont care lol you guys stabbed me first so meh, and i already told stark im done with BD after this era im at 0 tokens across the board for a reason. Much better and healthier games to play than BD. You’re aware i stabbed originally to join u guys? You guys talk so much shit but then bitch when shit hits the fan, or maybe thats more of a you thing, i still like stark.

@Annonymu5 / Germs - OMG IM QUIVERING IN MY BOOTS YOURE COMING FOR ME HOLY IM SHITTING MYSELF, and dont attack my character lmao im a different person irl than on a WAR game community.


Atleast your teammates currently playing with u still have some dignity left and can still agree to the truth

Pretty much started planning the stabb with my teammates as soon as you got into my alliance and started breaking them and when i refused to kill lamp u saw it as the perfect oppurtunity to turn them against me.

And i see why u were so butthurt against lamp , i mean u were leading a Rank1 alliance and then in 2 days of war with wri u try to conquer lamp and endup losing 3 members and 2 got nuked. I mean even Anish mal put a better stand against Wri than u did , his alliance fought for like a week before finally giving up.

And then i took u in and saved your ass from Pat and convinced him not to kill u , and u repaid me back by planning a stabb behind my back and breaking my own team against me.

yeah right


“Congratulations for pointing out the obvious :slight_smile: this is a war game but this war game involves peoples AND their characters. I dont see how lying to people and calling people useless is related to a war game.
This will be my last reply. I have other things to worry about”


lol cause MerS were blue with us u idiot, they stabbed when their precious lamp was in trouble. and nor do i control random teammates, you forget that GOD was a bunch of complete randoms ive never heard of while your team had a bunch of vets, bad vets but vets nonetheless.

i mean think what you will about me irl lol i know exactly who i am. Im not so safe space induced and soft skinned to be butthurt about what people on the internet think about me.

Lol tatte was never told the plan sure he poked about and asked but we never straight up said WE"RE STABBING THIS TICK.


tbf Bane… it’s not like this is a new tactic of Horo’s… I mean, I can think of 3 times off top of my head where she’s done this… infiltrate the enemy and break them from the inside. And I could of told you AGES ago that battlehugging would of ended up in a betrayal of sorts. I mean, she literally left an alliance that had the win in the bag because she didn’t like it. What would make you think she wouldn’t do it here? I could understand if it was lawmpy who did it. I mean, absolutely no one would see it coming…

And attacking the circumstances is always fine folks, but please keep in mind not to attack a person’s character. It’s kinda like playing monopoly and that one guy flips the board over. Don’t be that guy.


I don’t think I’d call it a tactic, more just “oh god it’s lamp better destroy her on an era she hardly cares about because I have overwhelming feelings of anger”


She’s literally never even been pretending to play too. I have a screenshot somewhere of her not logging in for over 200 ticks back when people were actually active and semi-cared about things over a month ago.

Big-girl Horo needs people to feed her 100 conquers. Props to her for manipulating thirsty-guys once again.


Personally I see absolutely nothing wrong with what Horo did. I consider stabbing a valid tactic and always have done, however I certainly wouldn’t personally stab my own alliance or even another alliance without good reason. What I don’t understand is why Horo feels the need to make it seem like she had no choice but to stab and that she’s the victim in this situation. It’s the blame deflecting I consider to be the problem.


Exactly this.

I’d honestly have respect if that’s how she played it off. Instead it’s all whiney whiney, blah blah blah Pat and Lamp were mean to me nobody understands me I’m so misunderstood whiney whiney garbage.


ofc i am an idiot , cause i was the third alliance to get stabbed by her and idk why i was thinking with me it will be diffrent. First horo joined DMU then the leader kicked or she left and then used half of DMU team to stabb rest half of DMU team , and then brodcasts were something like i thought maybe the leader was inactive and was not ready to go for win so they betrayed him. Next she joins GoD and Dan took over leadship , few kicked , few died , few survived. and then u join me i thought maybe the last 2 teams were a mix of new players so u both abandoned them , but history repeats again the same card “leader didnt listen to us” got played on me and half my team attacked rest half and it was so nicely played that even i thought that it was cause due to me and wasnt able to see that it was just a continuos process.

And the funny part idk if it was planned or not , but a DMU player was in svalbard since tick 1 and conquered an inactive lamp at start of era , then DMU died , we killed the player and freed lamp , then had to move her to wri cause of inacitivity , then u guys again try to conquer her with GoD alliance and failed and took huge losses , and then u join me and try to convince me to kill her and when i refused , u just used my players and left alive GoD players to stabb my alliance. u both are just obsessed with killing her when shes as inactive as with 100 kills at tick 1200.

And tbh as now i see things i guess even u dont know properly what she planned , u think u are some kind of james bond on a holy mission , but u are just one of her many soldiers running for her on the battlefield.

Thats a great favour you are doing to the game , atleast after u guys are gone people would be able to recruit newbs off the map while not being paranoid about maybe its Dan and horo using new skype/Game accounts just trying to stabb alliance.
Otherwise u were the perfect choice to lead BDSA (Battledawn stabbing academy) , where u teach how to stabb your own alliance 3 times in a same era and call it a “strategy” , senior mentor horo and junior mentor Dan.

ofc never said u login 10 times a day on forum to reply to Zealot , pat , Andres or anyone else message on forums cause you are butthurt about what they said to you … oh wait you actually do that.


This is maybe the most savage thing I have read on the forums so far. 10/10, I’m envious I didn’t think of that comment.


wow much salt wow

i blame alex


Underrated comment. Dan, love you man but what makes you think you are any different than the rest?


■■■■ yeah man you and i need to become friends. i had tottally forgotten about the word “lemmings”



1 idiot down, 1 to go.