E1 Era 39 Discussion


Oh god, this is the greatest thing I have ever read. You have such a victim-complex ahahahahaha.

I did everything in my power after those messages to be as big of a pain as possible. You shouldn’t tell people to get hit by cars, it’s bad form.

You are just butthurt after the M1 drama still (which I 100% had no part in besides licking up the salt), and you know you are haahahaha. Come and kill me, I’m not trying :stuck_out_tongue: it’ll be a hollow victory and you know it will be, you are still empty inside. The only reason you even are relevant is because internet guys are thirsty.

E: This was the day when I found out Dan was leading that GOD team. I sort of helped organize the 3v1 against GOD because I didn’t know who they were and didn’t trust them. I can go back and find my conversation with Dan to prove we were talking purely diplomatic because I didn’t know one of my “friends” was leading it and I felt horrible.


Who’s Wolfie, and nice post. Is the times you edited it your IQ?


Hahahahaha that’s great. Really the best thing you have in your defense is to hide behind your multiple skype aliases?





Don’t understand why Lamps name is getting thrown under the bus here, guess that victim complex got you going hard there sweetheart. People won’t remember this as a clean win, but I guess your team members don’t really know the definition of that, right?


lol zealot u ever win and do something useful without getting a free carry? and why is because Lawmpy was actively stopping us from killing MerS who she has no e1e39 affiliation with, nor are they my family. Only “family” teams i would associate myself with is SGC, BTW(origin/elcent). MerS/C is not SGC theyre more WHIP if anything and they scum EVERY era, battle hugging and stabbing. “clean” win, lol this era was a giant battle hug no one would fight at all, funny how the entire world falls apart as soon as someone does something 2 people took all of EU asia and africa within 24t


Y’all suck who are typing mega paragraphs. I ain’t reading that nonsense. Looking at you, Bane and Horo.


Pfff “clean”.

I’d rather fight 10 milans and lose for the rest of my life in amazing wars than to have a battlehug “clean” win.


Just here for the notifications :heart:


I Dont think this era needs this much discussion for being a dead rubber , but still replying for a last time to clarify stuff.

Sorry for that , your leader promised us the relics as soon as our NAP ended and didnt even bothered to wait for my reply , my whole team was ready to wipe you guys out as soon as the NAP ended . Now i have my whole team ready to wipe you guys out , but at that moment i can totally understand you guys had a inactive team and he was just surrendering me the win. his words were “take the relic whenever u want” , but then when one of my teammate asked for the relic he replies “if u guys take my relic before taking the rest you will feel my wrath” , so he went from take it anytime to take it and feel my wrath and at that moment the team was already pissed at me for the delay in era end due to Merc and Wri drama , so i just went for Bae to avoid any furthur trouble and we wiped them out within 50 ticks.

Litrelly 2 teams on the map with any kind of visible territory other than us, Wri & ICE
Going for Wri was out of question , they agreed to give me the relics at the time i was Rank7 alliance and they were Rank3 , and just cause now i have 3x their power and teammates with R4-5 i am not gonna kill them for the sake of “Battledawn” , sorry but i dont roll that way.

ICE was allied to us through Horo , and again killing them aswell was out of question as it was a nap made by horo and personally i didnt trust them much as they stabbed 2 alliance before in this era hence even asked them to stay in their hive and not move much but didnt want to give a teammate a Bad name cause of my trust issues so dumped any plans of killing them later.

Other than this LANN atm has 6 players from Nano , so its almost the same team now with a motive to kill wri (specifically pat and lamp). and others who didnt wanted to be part of it are dead or conquered or running around.

Sorry if anyone felt that i neglected them or preffered other players over them or was allying a lot of people and taking away the fun of fighting. I was just trying to stick to the promises i had made to people and not backout of them just cause we had an active and powerfull alliance good enough to kill the whole map.

special summary for u :smiley:

Tick 1- tick 1000 : we played avengers avengers

Tick 1000- tick 1200 : we played civil war civil war

After tick 1200 :joy:

Enjoy :joy::joy:


Milan is banned, wishing for nothing there.

Also Dan you think I care about your insults, I know I’m a lazy player, I don’t try to say I’m not. At least I have shreds of decency and don’t plan an attack for which one of the leaders is literally in a life threatening situation. Whether he cares or not is irrelevant, it’s poor form and just disrespectful


lol and yet Milan got his boat 100% legit with alex watching every step from last era, keep talking. germs suck at this game anyways him being there wouldnt mean shit. Im not in WHIP chat anymore lol so i wouldnt know if he was in danger, nor do i keep up with where everyone lives.


Never said Milan didn’t get that one legit. He got banned in M2

I haven’t been in that chat for months? Besides Carter would’ve known full well, they have each other on Snapchat. Lame excuse. But hey, continue being pulled along on a string by horo and winning meaningless eras. I’d rather my dignity than a bunch of shiny pixels next to my name any day.


I just wanna say attacking a little after tick 1180 has been the plan for weeks, before hurricane maria was even a thing. @Germanicus is a great guy and I know me just posting on the forums about it won’t fix anything I’ve done but him getting shafted was never my reason for anything. I don’t like lamp and lamp doesn’t like me for a multitude of different reasons and I’ve dug myself into a rather deep hole here. I just hope the era ends soon.


Lol the way you talk about Milan on the forums, makes it sound like him getting banned on M2 invalidates his other boats. And you’re assuming im talking to Carter lol. You’re talking about having dignity in a game lul. we’re playing a war game, go play nintendo dogs if you care so much about peoples feelings. acting we sent a hurricane at him. Era was ending in 70 ticks ahh ok i get it shouldve let Wri get 2nd because 1 bad player is in a hurricane. not my fault NaNo got complacent and inactive.

The stab happened with me and horo only everyone else joined after we ate all the network in eu/africa/asia


don’t bother defending even if i had sent that hurricane id still have stabbed at that time, else NaNo in 3 days woulda been first and Wri 2nd, ■■■■ that. Go out of your way to spite me and ill go out of my way to spite back. im petty like that. Era is over when the pause button turns on not when you have 1k+ Power and start logging once every 3 days. cause you think youve won. ive learned that lesson already.


Do you not understand what I just said? YES, he got that through legitamite means. I WATCHED the era.

Anyway, guess I’m just an older style of player. If you’d pulled this shit 5 years ago your head would be on a pike. You had the win in the bag, but stabbing your own team because of shit you- uh wait sorry, your “master” can’t forget, and making MORE work for yourself, is hilarious. You’re literally just pulling in the same team members plus Jazz?


lol im talking about all your other posts on the forums not this one.

OH NO MY HEAD ON A VIRTUAL PIKE IN A GAMING COMMUNITY THIS SMALL WHAT EVER WILL I DO? Lol like Flux deserved a bronze medal? over my dead body, no wait its his dead army. So carter and lez are the same members also? We pulled in people who wanted to fight Wri.

Plus i was leading GOD when i got stabbed/gangbanged 3 ways so meh, you get what comes around.


gotta love my Thorny Girl <3



Or never recruit girls in general. Overrated because they have a vagina in a world full of nerds. Hahahahaha battledawn will never change