E1 Era 39 Discussion


I’m fairly sure (almost) everybody knows who I am? I haven’t exactly been attempting to hide at all.


Who are you sakrie??





NaNo sucksssssss

<■■■■ you nano>


what a pretty E1 now NaNo falls


Wow e1 is still going on? Can someone give me an era rundown? :slight_smile:


NaNo killed Bae when the alliance was dead,Horo stabbed NaNo along with Leboink now the whole world is in Chaos and poor Lamp is getting blamed for no reason


Basically I tried to organize a war against Horo over a month ago and everybody backed out, then they slowly died one by one like I said they were going to (including Bane’s alliance which is the one that took Horo in and fed her conquers after her first team died).

Honestly, nobody really deserves to win E1 besides Horo and Dan tbh. Literally everybody sucks.


Thanks for the rundown mate


This era was super boring , like no competition , we (Nano) started with 3 players in europe , then some flux players who were in west corner of AA joined us , and one player in NA and other from Russia. As we were too much vastly spread over the map we had to make peace deals to make sure our members survive in case gangedup by other alliances. with this random mixture of players we kept moving forward by using diplomecy with other teams and taking over the map slowly slowly. By this time GoD (Lead By Dan) was fighting with Wri and Merc and had already lost 1-2 players , Bae was also supposed to join against them and i was also sent some Brs asking to join in. Dan just messaged me asking if i was also going to attack him as he didnt wanted to fight on 2 fronts. I didnt want to lie to him and seeing the oppurtunity to get an active member i just hinted him that yes i will attack him sooner or later and he should just leave team and join us, to which he said he will join if i let him and his friend join (horo) , for which i would really thankful to ownage & Coqui (he was actualy active) for stepping down as most of the team refused to give their spots saying why was i making spots for enemies and it was a perfect opputunity to kill both of them , (i own u one coqui) . after this we managed to pushed rest of GoD to east corner where they renamed themselves as ICE , by this time Bae , wri and Merc pulled out of the war and we were left by ourselves to kill them , and as our NAP with Bae was coming to an end and seeing they moved back really fast to SA , we cut a deal with ICE that we will leave them alone (horo got us this deal) . Seeing that ICE had made peace with us , Bae just stopped caring about the era and went into a semi acive mode. By this time we had started a fight with Merc cause they stabbed us last era and noone wanted to trust them. Lamp and me both being part of old ARM coalition whos few retired members keep returning time to time to play an era once a year in Merc, she didnt want Merc to die especially not by an alliance lead by me. So she stopped any kind of attempt made by my alliance to enter svalbard (i hate family drama) . My team was looking towards me to get wri out of the way so they can kill Merc , but i just couldnt get it done , as i wasnt able to force anything on wri their few members and leader being good friend and launching an attack was out of question. So we stuck with nuking Merc for next 100-200 ticks until it looked like it was way better to let them get conquered than being nuked to 0 pop. So finally we managed to enter Svalbard and kill Merc. Era was mostly done by this time and all we needed to take the relic from everyone and end it , Wri refused to handover the relics until we have taken others relics and others said the same , so it probably frustrated more of my teammates and by this time they had already started secretly planning to kill wri while breaking our Network so our players who didnt wanted to kill wri wont be able to interfere . By this time we planned to kill Bae to make sure we dont have to go through “asking” for relics anymore from others and just take it from them anyways. After we finshed of Bae , we managed to take all 10 relics and then next day wokeup to see that half the team has left and broke our network and started killing Wri, and now just 4 of us remain in the old alliance defending stuff.

This was a very mentally tiring era for me due to all the drama going on inside and outside the alliance, and i have almost no heart to continue anymore. It mostly endup like this because Horo and lamp had some kind of dislike toward each other and wri sided with Lamp , Half of my team with horo and rest 4 of us got caught in crossfire.

This is why i prefer eras where 3-4 good alliances are for win , i can fight on the battlefield , but not a civil war inside my own coalition.

Lesson learned : Never recruit 2 girls in your coalition who have a problem with each other , and if a 3rd guy says he can fix this , Fcuk him over first.


Tick 1182 (Tick before the stab)


Tick 1183 (Tick after)



uhh bae gave the relic to you guys very early on

you stabbed like 200 ticks after that lol


Oh and update, here is the world now:

@Chucky doesn’t really matter when y’all are dead anyway :sleepy:



sorry, in my opinion the truth DOES matter

but i guess it’s not as important to you


Y’all just handed over the relic and then when the countdown got extended a few days later you got annihilated.

That’s what happens when you hug it out all era I guess.


Let’s be honest here, Bae barely beat Anish Mal’s team in the first 100 ticks. I honestly think if we didn’t step in an take NA they might have lost that war.


You gotta have strong leadership in situations like this. When shit goes down and disagreements occur, a true leader needs to step up and shut it down. Whether it’s by making compromises or kicking and killing. But the WORST thing you can possibly do is allow toxicity to brew in your own team. Once it starts, it’ll spread and people will begin to pick sides and make it harder to do anything. If Lawmps was the reason why you couldn’t get stuff done, then you should of sacrificed her for the good of your team. It’s one thing to preserve friendship where you can, but anyone who literally holds friendship over your head as a bargaining chip is NOT a friend. That is simply a user who’s finally found a opportunity to use you (do not mistake this statement as saying that is what lawmps was doing. I do not think that is the case, just making an overall statement). Not saying everyone should go betraying one another and no one should get their feelings hurt. By all means, having a good reputation has it’s merits, but when you’re put between a rock and a hard spot, you gotta break something, else you’ll break yourself.


You misunderstand my dearest wolf, when bane said “coalition” he meant literally 2 different teams we were in, Me in Bane’s team and Lawmpy in some loser’s team (<3 u know who i mean). But here’s the thing: lawmpy and pat tried to F with me just because i don’t know or care?

When TaTs, Dan and i went to invade Svalbard to kill MerS they built an outpost on the last and tightest pixel i planned to build for our the invasion. I didn’t say much to Bane.

When they purposely sent more squads ETA 3 like we did to conquers and wreckages (and i know what you’re thinking so let me just say i understand mistakes on the same tick about who sent first, never complained about that but sending 2-3 squads and even when we sent ETA 4 and the following tick they match ETA 3 with more squad… call it what you will but that is a STAB). I didn’t complain to Bane.

They took MerS’ relic while Tats, Dan and i were actively fighting MerS. I pointed it out to Bane.

They gated in +2500 infantry for no good reason other than the obvious intent to kill us on our return from their colonies. I asked Bane “why did they teleport there?” when he still refused to SEE.

She worked to stop any and all attempts we made to invade Svalbard by matching etas and managing to kill a few of my units on MerS outposts (2 spams but those troopers had families!). I warned Bane.

Specifically BEGGED Bane not to let Wri end rank 2 or at least not let Wri players end top 10 and get Hope Baz and cedric top 10, to think of his team not his friends since… you know… this is BATTLE Dawn? Not Skype? But i was ignored.

We who left NaNo are just the only ones not busy sucking up to Lawmpy in fear of being deleted because god knows if you get rejected by a girl online then you surely don’t have a real life to get back to and find yourself a girlfriend right? Right Bane?! But Dan and i are the backstabbers for not giving LOVE to her like you right?!

By now you read everything that triggered us but please look at this:

It was at this point i was like “Are you kidding me dude? What is wrong with this guy?!” because i’ve never seen someone work so hard to cover up the false CENSORED his friend lamppost is. But fear not for i will never get bullied and not fight back when there’s still injustice in the world.

And i can vouch for lawmpy being a manipulative person, she is quick to block/remove people when they don’t do what she wants or things don’t go her way. People like Jazz who she said is like her “family” who did nothing but join a team to play the game have no chance with her. Boy i do not envy who is her friend.

To Hope, flux, venku and whoever calls or insinuates we are backstabbers and cheaters, seriously guys i don’t blame you. You were never active to know what happened to MerS even though we got delayed 200 ticks by Lawmpy, Pat and the rest of Wri. So you can loath us as much as you want because you’re insignificant, because deep down you know who really backstabbed his own team. :wink:

But roast aside i do love Bane but god!!! Him and flux have lawmpy’s fingers so far up their behind that i don’t even think they are the ones talking. lel


Might as well rename the game Dramadawn , it’s like a telenovella lmao