E1 Era 39 Discussion


Same could be said there zealot. I ain’t asking anyone to say anyone to post on the forums but this ravioli is ridiculous. You already know my opinion from skype.

calling me horo’s chicken (ha ha) for awhile with zealot backing you up isn’t really trolling, you’re a jerk. I was acting rude for awhile before because I was tired from irl issues I got going on that I’m not getting into on here. Like I said I’m taking a break from this game, I hope y’all cool off.


mate, you deserved it tbh


I think we should all take a chill pill and talk about/drink some alcohol. We’ll make Carter some shirley temple’s so he’s not left out.

But in all seriousness folks. Let’s not get TOO out of hand here. I know we all love eating some popcorn and watching the drama that is Battledawn unfold sometimes, but leave the gasping plot twists and betrayals to M. Night Shamalananlalanlian. Whatever his name is. (what a twist!)


What the hell is going on here.

Let’s all be friends and get back to hating me.

Places everyone places! The show must go on!


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Remember when Pat was all smug about getting 3rd, yeah me too :smiley:

BattleDawn - who is the best - discussion

I will personally like to thank @LeBoink @Horo for letting us have 1 top 10 spot again. I know they attacked us because having 1 top 10 spot was unnacceptable but they had a change of heart.

I love you guys <3 <3


that actually wasnt why we attacked you lol, part of the reason, but not why.


lmao at the fact you had to sacrifice your team members just to get them knocked down to 4th.

At this point I shouldn’t even hate on Horo. Having that many pets is impressive


Finally i got time to reply and i know you missed my long ass posts.

For your information i didn’t even come up with the idea of breaking my team apart just to spite you guys, a team mate did (again thank you for your brilliant idea Jazz), others volunteered and i asked the rest if they’d go with the plan and a final one i kicked and he joined the enemy by mistake. :^)

But let me see if i can wrap my head around this okay @Zealot ?

So to you, gaurav, pat, germs and everyone else that tried to screw me over and talks behind my back if i have friends they are sheep/i’m manipulating them, if people actually want to duke it out rather than end the era in a battle hug they are sheep/i’m manipulating them AND ONLY those who don’t want to fight for the win (or fight against you) that you/they oh so strongly feel is theirs (even though they did literally nothing to deserve it) aren’t sheep/i’m not manipulating them?

I mean lol are you all religious? Because reason seemed to have left as soon as things got hard for you all. I swear my hamster has a better thought process than what’s being posted here.

No zealot i do not have pets, there are just people i respect a ton for actually enjoying a good fight and would rather lose than to not fight and think “what if” later. <- @Germanicus That my friend is the one and only reason i attacked, pat is a troll and lawmpy is worthless scum to me plus i could care less if you believe the tales that i planned the attack around your to be announced island calamities or god forbid having sent the hurricanes myself or not.

But if you’re still buying into your friends’ bullshit then perhaps this will convince you: you’re not a good player, you’re not going to get worse as your friends are the rock bottom of BD but you’re also not going to improve by battle hugging and if i had to send an hurricane at someone it would have been TaTTe because let’s be honest even though you consider him one of my “sheep” we all know he was the only real threat to me on Earth-1 but again it was pat who turned him against NaNoWriMo so knock that blame on someone else’s door.

I don’t know man, how dares Dan play for the win? Such an asshole Dan is!

What do you know dude? Let’s check if the guys i played with all round won with me:
Lez - check
RR - nope he had real life problems and quit
Dan - check

So you see the guys i played with all round are with me and i added the rest to my team a long the way:
TaTTe - check
Jazz - check
Skull - check
Elcent - check
Carter - check (fortunately managed to convince him to join the top 3 team)
Baz - check
Cody - mistakenly accepted the NaNo invite xd

All of these guys won, just some chose to keep screwing over the people that screwed them over first. Because see MY TEAMS always win. You may not like what i did but i could care less that you think i should treat people that screwed us over first with respect but putting that aside, did you get killed by my team on yet another e1 gaurav, if not why’re you trying to add more salt?

Seriously don’t quote me on this but from what i hear you’re salty aswell because that’s the new popular trend (unless what i said above is true), don’t be a sheep think for yourself rather than commenting on things you know nothing about.

Anyways thanks again for the entertaining era, please leave a like, subscribe and comment as it will greatly help me provide the quality content in the near future that you, my fans, love. Ciao blows a kiss


Spare me with your feelings, clichés, and platitudes. No one cares that you have the extrodinary idea that I suck. How about you do something more productive and do a NaNoWriMo or read a book :stuck_out_tongue:


■■■■ this era. Too Toxic. Don’t forget that this is only a game, and in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter at all. Sorry for contributing to the general toxicity. Sorry to the friends I lost because of it. And sorry that zealot still cant win an era. Dueces


can i have a final screenshot of the map?


Literally lies in the next thing she says. Hamsters are pets.

Jazz, you literally created drama that wasn’t even there so you could try to feel righteous or something. This wasn’t some holy war hahaha

Once again, congratulations on winning a 90% inactive era. You destroyed the mighty teams of random players, you are all pros. This was the best display of BD prowess I have ever seen, clearly the most skilled players in the history of BD have blessed up with their presence.

EDIT: In case anyone wants a laugh, I did my best Anish Mal impression this era and had been building straight armor since about tick 200.


Nah you didn’t kill me. I don’t have a colony. You’ve killed me once that I can remember and props to you. I came to that era late and joined some randoms to bring some fun to the era, it worked. I had a good time with some others and extended the era. Winning or losing at this point means so little. Rarely does any round have any actual competition or good wars.