E-mail from "admin/battledown"

Hello! I received a message in my email from the following email address: [email protected], with the following text:

You have received a new private message from “Token Administration” to your account on “Battle Dawn” with the following subject:
You can view your new message by clicking on the following link:

When I open link, it redirects me to the old forum and asks for a password.

I want to know if this is correct and should put my password there or not.

Thank u

Yes you should , its the forum where your token msgs are being sent.

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But the last time I sent an email for tokens problems was 3 months ago! It cannot be that they are answering me 3 months later!

In fact, I already found the solution outside of SM.


Last time you did something like that… you lost your account.

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Token administration just sends you a message whenever you buy tokens or open the page for doing so, nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:



Although the question seems a bit silly, I never received an email from that email address. And as El Metre said, the last time I opened a similar link, lost my account.

What I found there were many messages without subject and without content.

Thank u very much everyone for help.