Dynamite Boots!


Ladies and gentleman,
I give you a fresh look at this topic.

This .png file was not made by me. All credits to @Transcendant, which is suspended at the moment so I can’t tag him.


@Sarah247 can we get Dynamite Boots on Normal mode ?


Can you see there only in hard or insane?
Then the answer is yes you can
Good luck?


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just wait till @Transcendant gets back


It’s not okay for me that my friendo got suspended.
And your behavior deserves a flag.
Just so Transcendant will have less work.


putting an o at the end…
i see, your a person of culture as well


Well, I just refered to our discord group’s name.


can you get these by regualar MIX item boxes or just the special random tier boxes?


For sure it’s only epic.


k thanks
also, do you know what chance they are? ive done at least 20 times and nothing yet


i feel like they need less weight
like 136 is a lot compared to the hp and dmg it does
like the push factor helps but is not worth that much weight
i feel like this should maybe weight just 1 more than the scorching feet or less


Do 2-3 refills.
I got already 4-5 of them after 2 refills. (Hard)

Chances are pretty high, you get much epics. (Hard)
Just do it and you will get it.
Or you even get this from Silver box.


wait really? the thing says you can only get it from that mission


holy c**p the boss is op.


only in hard for epics!!!
man i’ll never get them


It’s for sure marketing bullshit but you can just do ip when you are afraid.


i just killed it… with ultra kill




its REALLY easy on easy, but i need tokens to do it on hard D:
one revive