Dynamite Boots!


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My brother decided to quit so I baited a scammer in the most epic of ways. I gave him the account, and he fell for the bait.

He’ll be banned soon.

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Dang! Missed the portal. . . The legs seem decently useful, though.


Hey man! What happened to your “underrated game” thread? You delete it?


It went unlisted.

Now, back to the topic.

I feel that these legs have great potential. When used well, these could function in place of Flaming Hammer. It’s a beautiful sprite, too.


Rip that thread…

I rather liked it. :frowning:


i relly hated the portal at the start but got my 3 and only legs from it at the final hour and half 2 myth food 1 mortalbullet :open_mouth:


imagine 3 legs at the final hour and half
if all the portal was like this i was going to get at least 30 legs xD


i got a legendary after playing 4 times on hard… no refills
but then that was it, nothing else worth
if your wondering it was myth food, a Malice beam
already got one so-


Oh hey, I missed the portal.
Ok lol


i just gave up on the portal and said that will be my final refill but at this final one got 2 legs myth food so i said i will do a final one at like the final 50 mins and got from that my mortalbullet :smiley:


i got the mortalbullet at the final 5 mins i think xDD


in my last (4th) try i got malice beam
guess i only need 4 more myth foods now


hope u get them fast :smiley:


gotta myth them legs


i just made my 2nd mech night fall myth from that portal


2myth food and all the rares made me 3 legs


it’s lvl 40 now :smiley: :slight_smile:


Tokens, i dont think the portals are any good these days


The portal is over.

What do you want from this topic?


i can speak to u if u want :slight_smile:
but not here this topic is old now :slight_smile:


Nah man, I meant the heat cost to use the flaming scope :stuck_out_tongue:.