Dynamite Boots!


L4k3 is that you?
Don t run


He is back after a while. Good news, aint it?


Yep,I’m back :smile:
Sorry for the absence but some things happened and I ended up in a hospital bed for nearly three weeks.


End of story
73+73+73 energy spent

2 legendary items dropped


Ok, then make summary, you all.


First :heart_eyes:




now that the portal is closed, does anyone see the raffle thingy on the news page?@sarah247 can you explain?


On, Epic-Legendary they shape make them look for females :smiley:
On 45 Myth with strong red they too look like for women, even though massive.

Such slippers.


Looks like a frog…a bit
Don t get me wrong…a dangerous frog,let it black,and call it posion frog


Can anyone tell me what this item is?


that is a flaming scope…


Dont be confused.
This dmg is much higher than normal.

Specially to make challenge for top tier players.


Isit bugged?
Cuz I think it has 650-800 dmg not empowered.

+20% heat dmg.
It hits about 1k max dmg .

But the picture’s showing 1k-1.3k…


It’s a hard mode buff.
The more higher level you go,the more hard it is.


Oh it’s bot’s weapon. Now I can understand its dmg.

I tought it was a SS by PvP


Just imagine that he buy’d some arena shop powers.



Plus 98 heat.

Seems legit.


at the end the dynamite boots have the same hp as the scorching feet
the only difference is lower heat dmg, explosive dmg and more weight (plus the 2 push)

i feel like this legs need a decent buff or less weight
like COMMON, even grave diggers weight less


It don’t work to me…