Dynamite Boots!


Why? No cable repairman should refuse, unless they have an important meeting or it’s raining.


What :interrobang:


I have 2 VS, Mortal Bullet, 3 EMP’s but i use instead 2 vandal rage strategy on second mech.


no, I think it’s Friday stopped rather work


New campaign map is gonna be released in 3 days, it should be fun… Or hard.


Some details :interrobang:


refill is 30
and i have just 25…no videos left


30 min left.
No time for refills.

I will do 2 :smiley:


hard takes…hm 2 mins per run?
9 run 18 minutes


yes, i create tense atmosphere



I hate you.
Eveytime i think Leg, it’s epic.

At least never i got common from you.

Dear Adventurer


wow complicated crazy mission


I will be doing this portal for eternity.

I will go in before it shut down and don’t fight wih mechs.


29 tokens XD
well gonna keep them for next portal XD


No campaign 2v2 free ?


what user are you?
we could trade…


already done buddy
but well 10 legys are ok


he is good, new leg?


For me hard is 3 -3.5 min on auto. + 0.5m to see it’s over and start next.



Those aren t mine


That was a pretty neat way to say it.

They’re like stronger damage Scorching Feet but looking a hell of a lot better.Not much to say about them.