Dynamite Boots!


Nope, maybe the damage that the mechs dealt.


Different for all.

For me was 6 legends while first refil. After this i got nothing more while 13 more refills.
And i’m sure i will not get cuz legends are “turned off” for me.

For others, legends drops constantly but they need to make 10-15 refills for 10 legends.

And for me last time was only rares like someone here today…
and after 3-rd refill i got first legend…
From this moment i started to catch epics and… legends… when everyone else got rares >:D


That’s @Nemesis9’s brother.

Or maybe a fake one.


Well, I’m not trusting him whatsoever.


Cyanine, I hope you reported that person for scamming.


They deal different amount of dmg on another position( another gun) and they can select one of avaible weapons…

He charged on me when he could use FS XD for example.
When you play heat, specially with HB…

autopilot can shut down enemy in 2-nd turn and take 1 shot.

But he can to get shut down/ drained/outmaneuvered so he can not use HB or another heat weapons…

… and take 1-5 shots, i saw it on my own eyes.


Dynamite boots are actually not half bad…


Yes i want free tokens :grin:

OHH NOO my password changed “itself” :joy:


Lol the fuckk i got after 14 refills legendary !
Lets see…
NOOO i don’t wanna see it !

See yourself.

:see_no_evil: (Hiting the wall)


I lost a lot of time
yesterday late afternoon
breakdown electricity
sir electricity refuses to come
myself repair pff
it’s working now
yesterday i missed foot tv and now 1h only pff portal


Now I have 2 Spartan + 2 mercy
I’m not a physical user


You should’ve called me, I am an Electric Cable Repairman :joy:


Make 2 of the exact same mech then, Mercy + Nightfall + Spartan :joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Yeah, energy mechs are good at “repairing” things.


welcome in my world
i have 3 lightning scopes,1 bunker
but i don t use energy

also 3 mercy and 2 spartans


new item portal legendary


cool lol, weird electric sir refuses to come


Why? No cable repairman should refuse, unless they have an important meeting or it’s raining.


What :interrobang:


I have 2 VS, Mortal Bullet, 3 EMP’s but i use instead 2 vandal rage strategy on second mech.


no, I think it’s Friday stopped rather work