Dynamite Boots!


Meh portal was decent,not great…500 tokens destroyed for 9 legys,can t complain


Lol! Meriaton, hilarious emojis!


260 spent what? Tokens or fuel??


Tokens to be honest.



This portal is meant to suck :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s a damn epic to myth item lolololol

It’s not a prem one so yeah, it will suck for most people


I’ve been waiting for a 3 minutes now, I just left Auto-Pilot on and this happened

Please connect to the server now, or whoever cut your wires F him.


That s true lm portals have great drop rates in general,not all


Reload the page,or open it in a new window
Delete cache data :joy::joy:


Nevermind, it works on… Ahem, “Hide All”.


I just got better thing and much more usefull than for last 16h from IP.
I got heat engine :smiley:


Got another legend, but it’s Scorching Feet which is not too shabby.


Gonna scratch my feet,hold on.


10 legys

2 energy scopes
1 bunker shell
7 food


2 leggies 0 refuels.

Sweetie and some random




Yup i got to 6 on start, then nothing while 13 refills ;d


Heat hammer is a epic-mythical item and portal was good so stfu or i’ll eat your ass


Oh , I guess this is kinda cool.

3 Legendaries down.


What a perverse :blush:


Ok, my Auto-Pilot died in the portal, even though it did not die in the others… i don’t know, 30+ runs? So why is that I wonder…