Dynamite Boots!


Rip portal…


I guess that portals are worse.


This portal is now just giving me Blue sh*tes, I need sustenance.

By the way, my Auto-Pilot is beating the cray-cray out of this portal :joy::ok_hand:


as i expected the moment i played hard mode, and got a mix box with 2 commons and a rare- THIS PORTAL WAS CRAP
The legs, though, are pretty good- noice hp,noice damage, okie heat damage, BUT crap weight.and 2 knockback


Yep, this happened to me… Thrice.

Also not just Blue and Grey sh*tes, even “Nothingness”! It gives me no boxes!


@Sarah247 please stop hidding the awnser and tell us alredy why did you nefred chances for legy?


Not her, @Mohadib.

Sarah is not doing all the sh*t here, it’s the main game changers themselves.


Rip next portal…?


@The_Yo_Yo_Man Me gives Epics XD
Edit : 1h Ago…

Only you saying this troll chicken, everyone knows, when you get legend, it’s leg

To much sun :sunny: ? ;d


I feel your pain, I’ve done 10 runs on normal and got no boxes not counting the first one, I’ve done mission in campaign on insane and got epic (3rd Ultrabright this day) but still useless, I’ve never had worse portal


pff normall :joy:


Yes, normal, because my mech still isn’t good enough to win hard without revive


is this portal dead

I keep getting rares in hard


Yup it’s dead.
One refill 4x lesser 2-3h ago drop

On last refill i began to get COMMONS first time after above 13 refills.
And commons come now with chance of epic before… instead of epics :nauseated_face:


I ask me why 1 day ?
What will they give as today ?

Freitag? Free day ?

I dont know if to say that but…
All 6 legends i got on 1 first refill.
Then after 13 refills nothing :poop:


1st epic with 260 spent i think portal hates me…


The portal hates US.

This is even worse.


And it is a 24 hour one, normaly they are 48
unless we are getting one again 2morrow 0.06% chance


Meh portal was decent,not great…500 tokens destroyed for 9 legys,can t complain


Lol! Meriaton, hilarious emojis!