Dynamite Boots!


i want to have every single item in the game
so then i can just be like “i’ll pick this today” or “got a counter for that”


1-only for 1 day
2-little too op boss
3-the legs sucks even that op boss
4-very bad drop even that op boss too
if any one liked that portal it won’t be me :slight_smile:


DAMNNN! But at least I got LEG of Charge Engine *used as myth food


I will have reliable data cuz in some hours i will have made 17-18 refills.


Much epic’s, sometimes much more than rares.
Sometimes oposite, so epic’s and rares droped for me equaly.

On start i got much legends, and one good posted here.
I dont remember number, but it was something like 5-6.

Now i get only epics -rares, but mostly epics.
I still have 6 refills to do.
I did 11-12.

I got something like 10 IP items.


i am most unlucky today/ no epics :frowning: and barly any boxes from rearly 200 tokens


8 legendarys
3 good
5 food


What a rhyme…
say goodbye…

I think Item Portal is empty now :smiley:


hope not,but i m gonna find out


If the portal is empty that means i spent 200+tokens for 6 rares :frowning:


The one and only legendary i got lol



Make it max mythical XD

How many runs?


Holy cow! That’s bad!


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Not even gonna waste my time with this BS.

Actually, I did waste 5 minutes if my life. Got nothing but rares. Tactisoft, if you’re going to make a portal, at least make it worthwhile. These legs aren’t even half good anyway, and the leg drop rate is basically as bad as the game itself.


I’m trying to say is that i’m not playing this portal.

Gives me siccnes


I only spent 1 refill on this portal.

I dont need to farm useless portals


spent 13 refills
9 legys


Spent no refills, 1 Leg which is Banshee, useful for Mything my mods.


Things that I could get… on a 2x2 campaign (not on a portal, wow)


So, I did 12 refills plus normal fuel. NOT A SINGLE LEGENDARY.

I’m done with this crappy portal!