Dynamite Boots!


god it’s 2 KB :exclamation:


Yes it can be, but they are very rare cuz they’re useless.


they are unobtainable… and yea they only do like 30 damage


but of course, 30 damage was okay back in the day… lol




lol i can barely tell that says exactly… its so blurry


wait… if you put your mouse over it it clears up a bit




that i cant tell til i put my mouse over… but its YUp



didnt realize i could do that lol


but theres my mech sorry the corrupt light is blocked by hammer


I’ve gotten 3 legs since the portal dropped


That 350+ tokens later.,sucky portal I might add


you doing insane or what?!


Hard mode I just literally got my 4th legendary…I just got a Spinefall…may actually consider using this but it’s heavy and has huge cost to use but the damage might prove to be worthwhile…we will see


to see what the blurry words say
just tap them
press them and you’ll see what they mean

also the portal is so trashy for me, no epics so far (besides the first drop, but it wasnt the legs)


no one think that insane mode is realy ridicolous?


i do
and my mech has 3 myths
now imagine with no myths


I won’t even try insane…I haven’t even looked its way in 3 portals…before that when I would go out of my way beating insane for several runs in a row, I didn’t notice any increased drop rates so, hard mode for me, and on hard mode I autopilot and it’s quicker to get through…I.e more runs in a shorter time


Myths you need for hard, for insane you need brain and full mythed op mech, specially for this IP.

I’m sorry for you…
i will tell what i got when i have one moment.