Dynamite Boots!


11/12 here



i usually dont hit 11 much tho tbh


not yet
i need more myths


whenever i hit 11 i get rank 8,7,9,10. once i got put with a rank 1 person lol


current rank is 11
i can get to 8 if i really feel like going up
for now i’ll get to 10 and farm there


i used to be constant rank 3 before all these new weapons came out and my mech was useless


i used to be rank 2 until new league rank came out. im rank 11 with 2 stars


Gets told off by teacher
Outsmarts teacher infront of class
teacher gets very angry,
and i go back to farming XD


what do i myth next, my drone or a weapon? or do i wait for a torso?


lol ikr except i dont play in class lol


this is what i mentioned earlier


hey i have the brutality… do you think thats worth 5 legends to make a myth?


hey is it possible to get the legs on easy? bc then i could just let it auto battle


anyone know? or is there a place i can look to find out?


The legs kinda suck, better to use other legs
only good 4 knockback


HEH he tried to use FS on hard.
But auto pilot defended.

I dont know, what’s more XD.


lol yep how did you know?


WTF your saying here is no such items, with such knockback.




not true… some of the old legs have 5 knockback