Dynamite Boots!


but that was on easy
now im going to hard
(wish me luck)


well… i cant send pic bc i dont have the ap for it but i have: Supreme Cannon(Myth), Vandal Rage(Legend), Flaming Hammer(Legend), and Corrupt Light(Legend)


also, Kraken Torso(Legend) and Scorching Legs(Legend)


also 3 Legend modules and the rest just the basic ones


hang on gimme a minute.

im screwed


well here’s mine:


whew hot heat mech… supreme cannon is totally worth making mythical tho


can you beat the portal on insane?


heres mine


I have max mythed SC


i know
im planning on mything it
but after i myth my legs (or myth the new ones)
then supreme cannon is next


ha ha ha sure he can’t


dang everyone has the Zararkes but me it seems


you need a bit of help on what to equip but you seem pretty good


im still looking for a good torso to myth


i got my 2nd one just a while back so dont feel too bad
i only had one right after the portal (got it AFTER the portal was off XD)


what rank are you guys?


then zark is your man


11/12/13, off and on


I have windigo maxed, but i will go to zarkares op torso,