Duplication of mechs

Hello I wanted to comment that while I was playing in 2vs2 I realized that my mech was a duplicate here an image

for a moment I realized that you can not lucahr 3vs3 something good I also realized that you can not stay with the weapons you can say that it is a ghost mech but in any case it is better that it is always solved and people who decode the error and duplicate their weapons, torsos, legs, special items modules etc …the bug is very very dangerous I lost my weapons the weapons that are in those images please if you can help me administrators please let me recover my weapons and modules please

do not try for any reason aser this lost lost objects nighfall an annihilations a hammer and heat modules

try to reset/log off.

your weapons are either still there or occupying the slot but is invisible. I thought this bug was fixed already…

your missing items are still there. log off/reset. good luck.


thank you already try to take what you told me and it worked for me and it’s good that I did not lose my weapons and my torso…

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