Dual Desolation

Open ten regular boxes. 2 desolations. Other random epics. Anyone use dual Desolation. Keep one? Fuse away? Use to get legend? Do you know any way to use dual desolation?

Add in a Supreme Cannon and either an Abomination or a Corrupt Light+Repulser and you,my friend,jut got yourself a meta.

Fuse both on an Uncommon, i usually do that because i love banks, do it!

Umm… You realise it loses power levels whenever you fuse it to something right?

And also there are things called power kits that are solely made for that purpose although it doesn’t help until you’re all maxed end game level stuff

That’s fake, they fixed it but it is hidden, it only Works for things that go to myth, and it is legebdary atleast, try it, i do it alot of tymes

The power kits?

hace falta un arma range 2-4 valga la pena tener dual desolation, preferencia no use energía y empuje

no, normal ítems. g hgerfgdsfgds