Dual Deso Build Help

Hey there.

I’m currently making a duo deso build with Zarkares but I’m not sure what to put for the side weapons or which legs to use (Sparked Runners or Rolling Beasts). I will make my module set up based off of the best choices. Please vote on the polls below so I can use it the build to the maximum potential.

Side Weapons (including one repulser):

  • Magma Recoiler (good for range 1 and 2)
  • Annilhation (debatable, people might take advantage of range
  • Shadow Wolf (which I don’t have)
  • Flaming Hammer (but range 2 is a zone only for repulsers)
  • Reckoning (which I don’t have)
  • Other (could be a combination of some sort instead of using repulser such as Shadow Wolf + Magma Recoiler combo) [pls list below!]

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  • Rolling Beasts
  • Sparked Runners
  • Other (please specify)

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I would go with shadow wolf as side weapon. About legs I’m not sure. Can you show us what mods would you use?

I will make my module setup based off of the best choices

Well you need at least one plat plate

I like this one


But there are a lot of premium items tho

If you dont have the wolf shotgun, you need rollers with a dual deso build.
Dont hesitate to ask if you need anything, im quite advanced with those builds.


now that tip comes frome the one who invented dual deso build


The main user of an overplated, updated version, merely. Thanks for the aknowledgement though.


Nope. I invented it.

But I toke the idea from a low rank player.

It means…I used it before Gorgon and there is another player who used it before me.

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We all invented many things, without knowing that somebody else also invented them before us.

Trust me here. I made a dual Supreme Cannon build which is scary in all honesty for a friend of mine.

Just to realise a day after that somebody already has two, claw Dual Supreme Cannons for the first time. I got destroyed.

I have never seen anyone use that setup before, but now as I have witnessed it.
Question remains, who invented it?

I think both of us invented it.

It’s more of who made it and claimed it officially as a sign of recognition build for themselves.

Such as I declared my sign mech to be a semi balanced heater with Heron Mark, Reckoning and Red Rain combo. With Rolling Beasts or Sparkened Runners.

Those are all just variants of project as my signature mech.

Such as Dual Desolation idea got to be a signature build from Lord Gorgon.

To mention Urbu as well, his signature aren’t specific mechs. But a building types and combinations which is he known for.

Question is not who invented what, but what is who’s signature. If claimed.


You are right. I guess “who invented it” is based on the popularity of player who uses it, rather than on their ability to create. They say that some are famous and others have only fame.

El Metre, for example, is very creative, but perhaps he isn´t so popular and perhaps that is why is mentioned little. But El Metre is really original in many of his creations.

The dual desso cannot be attributed to Gorgon. But what can be attributed (or at least I saw him use it for the first time) is the dual Spartan + dual Seraph.

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the most popular build so far are the decent builds like anni n nightfal and the iconic “madao san” build

Thanks Dad

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Ok but what side weapons do I use? I have a magma Recoiler at epic and I have a few repulsers. Could you give a suggestion?

And also how’s this build for starters?