DSP: Revival Thread

DSP = Dear Salty People



Made with Kapwing :grin:

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Sweet, haven’t seen him in awhile but I wasn’t complaining.

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I’m a bit late to the party but he was reported and now he’s no where to be seen :))

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so what time we’ll revive this thread?

What in the world is this? Maybe it’s out of this world and that’s why I don’t know what it is…

:slight_smile: exclusive

Because sodium concentration in game will miss him, tribute to Kenny:


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what was wrong with Kenny?..I don’t know him well so…

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The guy was a salt lake. “.I.” his signature move.




He’s still here with a different name.

his name translated to “Trafalgar is my whore” which was then reported by trafalgar himself. I think I read Berserk say that he was taken care of and I haven’t seen him since

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With a different name.

do you know what it is?


what’s his new name?

Secret. That’s written in here.

y u gotta play wit me

Actually it is written there.
but since you asked, Nope restricted