Drops of the boxes


I think they should increase the probability of getting legendary and epic because in reality the probability of drops is horrible and buying boxes practically does not work. What do you think?

Before: 2017

(Objects you got, for free.)

After: 2018

(Objects for 32.500 SM coins)

  • They should increase the drops
  • They should show the percentage of drops
  • They should leave it like this

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but you didnt get gold boxes for free?


the first completion boxes maybe, and from login bonus I think…


Yes, but those boxes sometimes do not even give epic objects


Past two months they were better, the devs nerfed it again… IDK, they must have one or two screws looses…


I mean,if they increase the drops we won’t need to know the percentages,as we’ll have a clear idea of how often we’ll get better gear for all.
But if they don’t increase the drops,the could at least show the drop rates,even if they’re like 10% or so.


Also,about the Gold Boxes…
Even though gold is supposed to be a step higher than silver,I find Silver Boxes a lot better than Gold Boxes.
From the Silver Boxes,I even got 4 epics in a row once,but from Gold Boxes I didn’t even get rares.I remember every Gold Box I opened gave me commons.


Legacy or Reloaded gold boxes ?

Because they were more than decent to me in Legacy ^^


Yes, you’re right, I’ve noticed that too in the last few days.

It would be good, in the previous versions they showed the percentage but not anymore. The truth, I do not understand why they took it away.


In legacy they had a 14% chance for a mythic. The truth was a fairly fair percentage.

Even on special occasions, like Christmas for example, they increased the probability of mitic drops to double … Times that will not return:(


Drops before reloaded were way beter than now lol.


Hahaha yeah 20 characters


well yes but back then the transformation levels didnt matter all to much.


Oh man the good ol days

Where an ice cream didn’t cost you 3 bucks


14% myth rate was too high. every player and their dog had like duplicates of most of the myth items, sometimes too many.

i like it how it is. the whole mystery rate. if ts gives us an actual %, yall know we gonna complain when that % drops like always.


why?..it is obvious…so you wouldn’t know, how SLIM your chanches to get anything decent…
as simple as that…


bruh they really need to increase the drops tho…