Drops are borked?

I can never get an epic-myth weapon out of crates anymore other than physical weapons. I never get torsos that I want (most trash) and I rarely ever get modules. What happened?

I see people saying that physical is trash and whatnot, and I wanna change, but the problem is, I can never get anything other than physical thats worth keeping. The only heat stuff I get are harpoons and burning boots, which don’t go to myth. I have a single naga, but I don’t have the energy weapons for it, same with heat.

Most good energy weapons r premium (leg-myth) so are some of the heat weapons . Phy is the only build where premiums are trash. That’s what physicals are trash and u keep getting physical items worth using (since they are epivpc-myth) and don’t get energy items worth keeping (cuz they r leg-myth)

i have opened over 4000 boxes and gotten 2 legendary item in all that time. so spread the word that the legendary drop rate is 0.05% and if your getting better than that, you can shut-up and quit complaining.

what you get annihalations every day? I need those!!! I only get random common to epics…

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i think ive gotten at least 2 of everything that sarts epic…i know at one point i had 5 annihilators, but since it takes 31 epics to get one mythical, i dont keep anything im not useing…actually i just took a look…and i KNOW that ive gotten less than 300 epics… so that makes the drop rate for those less than 1%…wow the people in charge of this game really suck.

oh p.s. this is for the whole profile, it took about 5 months to get all that

I have not recieved a legendary in campaign for over two months. An epic is a "great " crate for me. Also dropping bonus kits is boxes is horse crap. This game is designed for you to pay. I have accepted it as such. F2P is useless. Pay or cheat to become great. Sad to put it so bluntly .

I will say, epics will drop more and more frequently as you level up (at least in my experience). But as for legendaries… pay or wait years. your choice :neutral_face:

epics DO NOT drop more at higher levels. i have 2 different accounts that are about 80 levels apart. both only get about 3-5 epics a day.
higher levels just means more energy 4 farming so the amount of chances to epics is higher but the actual chance of getting 1 is the same.

Ah. Well, I guess I was just unlucky starting out then.

Isn’t it always like that in the world as a whole?

It is always free to try (play) = F2P but it will always cost to reach success = P2W.
That is how any business and anything else works after all.

And so we reach the truth behind it all:
F2P if P2W or F2W if P2P.
(It is “free to play” if there is “pay to win” or it is “free to win” if you “pay to play”.)

But paying comes first either way.

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