Droprate premium box

i open 17 premium box and all epics how??? i want my tokens back…




last week i got 1 legendary from 2 packs and 8 premium boxes XD

great drops



If you opened 17 and only got epics, then wtf

I’ve never heard such madness

I thought 1 yellow out of every 5 was average but 17 consecutive epic is very shameful for TS

and is that how campaign looks like now?


had opened 3 packs today,
15 Epics ofc

this happens weird day by day


Prem pack>Prem box

Do that one instead


i feel u. ive opened aroun 200 prem boxes in my sm career, while getting 6-7 legies.


No it’s not luck, it’s L U C C

i opened 8 and got jack &*%#. No profanity meant, just to prove my point. The drop rates are starting to get on my nerves, but I never even get enough tokens to open like any sooooo… but i do know for a fact that the drop rates are absolute trash

Do not buy premium box, always premium pack. Higher token per card ratio and better chance (in my experience) of getting at least one legendary.

Over my ‘career’ I’ve probably averaged 0.9 legendaries per premium pack, it’s definitely worth it.


Yesterday I got one legendary item from one premium pack. Better to buy 3 packs then 17 boxes (if you need some epics to legend lvl , silver box is more effective and cost no tokens only gold)

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What Mission you farmin?

It looks like a modified campaign mission for the new Base feature.

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I have not opened premium boxes for a long time, because I know exactly that only crap comes out.

What level is this??

You are Right @Padaruyos It is from the campaign when you can get away with not fighting anyone
But it is either a portal or a boss level by the looks of it

It’s most likely an event portal boss (coin, item, Halloween etc.) because, I’ve yet to see a level like that

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It’s a feature in beta testing

As usual its only for new accounts

Also I’ve opened a crap ton of boxes and i’ve only ever gotten 1 leg

Meanwhile ive never been let down by packs, i always got at least one leg. its also a better deal

Yea, i think it was around 6-9 months you could get it on new accounts as you said,
I have seen a video of someone pulling of a mission heist before

Guys, it’s the normal campaign but it had an update a while ago for new players. That is 1v1 bigboy insane