Drop rates survey

If you did open your fortune boxes recently and get legendaries , please tell me what did you get and how often did you get legends epics and what level are you at that point of time , i needed the informations for some calculations , thanks.

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I got 2 fortunes today , both had 2 epics.

But the one fortune box i wont forget man…

Yes , thats a fortune box drop


I tend to get at least one leg a week if I overfarm each day. Maybe two legs (if lucky).

And they’re usually the same type of thing, torsos or legs.

I do tend to get mostly epics, 1-2 each time around 5-7 times a day (I usually refuel 4-6 times). Wasted imo

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8 fortune boxes:
-1 legendary (max leg item)
-2 epic (1 myth and 1 leg)
-4 rare and 1 common
-last 34 days

Grind info:
-lvl 138
-1 lvl per day
-so 170 fuel per day
-I grind overlords den M6 until i can lvl up
-all remaining fuel is used on ramboy easy and bigboy easy on ratio 19:1
-never use 30 token free refill

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Mind blown…

I’m assuming this is for RB/BB grinders. I did get one legendary Malice Beam a bit back from a fortune box in BB before I decided to switch back to mission 6.

I just recently got a legendary today

I got Charged Walkers…

i hate it when i get stuff i dont need

I’m still waiting for that StormWeaver…
Btw,didn’t get no legends from fortune boxes this couple months (:thinking: I wonder why).
If this helps,I got 2 legendary pairs of legs from premium boxes (that are not useful whatsoever but I’ll take the material).

I share the same pain. This is from the lvl 150 box.


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I oftenly grind 5 hours a day, i get around 15 fortune boxes. I would say 1 out of every 14 has a legendary, 1 out of 10 have an epic, 1 out of 1 contain rares for me

I got a legendary Nightmare torso from a fortune box I got yesterday.

Today, I got a legendary Lightning Supporters.

I got these a while back

what i need those :disappointed_relieved:

Yesterday I had 10 fortune boxes in the unclaimed boxes section.
When I opened them the 5th box dropped me a legendary.
It was Desert Fury that came out.

Can everyone refresh your game right before you pick up the golden loot boxes behind the boss for your rank to return to it’s original state to see if your reward is any better next time ? recently got legendaries alot from fortunes thanks to this , wonder if its just me being lucky or this works for everyone.

Got it.

I saw rumours about it, tested it, didn’t see any changes in drops, was getting approx same amount of FB’s both ways

I do not know where pouring all of these items, but the drop in the campaign is zero - 4 missions BB without boxes in a row. If droped then two grey-blue.

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