Drop rates from Premium Boxes improving?

So, yesterday, I got an Ash Creator. Today, a friend of mine got SeraphBlade. I bought a Premium Box for myself. . . and got Charged Walkers (Legendary).

Pure luck or just good RNG?

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  1. I think it is pure luck.
  2. What is RNG.
  3. I don’t know if this is true but legendary drop rates increase after you complete 1 daily log in thing.
  4. What is Ash Creator.
  5. (I have no life except when I am playing this game)

ash creator is the energy version of crimson rupture

  1. They change the drop rates every day
  2. RNG is random number generator (AKA luck)
  3. I don’t know but maybe
  4. Ash creator is the energy Crimson rapture

Ash is the Reloaded Coldfire

Still don’t know what Crimson Rupture is. RIP

Basically a retarded flame thrower.

Is it the black flamethrower gun thing?

That’s the reloaded version of “Lava Spray Mk. I and II”

Oh. I am stupid. I do not know any Super Mechs weapons >_<

Nah, Lava Sprays turned into Crimson Rapture
Ash Creator is the Reloaded name of Coldfire Mk I and II, the energy flamethrower with blue fire-like shot

yes, it’s true that premium box are improved I had 3 legendre, 1 epic

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