Drop chances at Big Boy in September


Sept 19-24 Difficulty: Normal @Mohadib
150 runs in total, done in 7 days

[ sept 19-23 ]

 100 runs    | 37 common | 148 rare | 13 epics |  2 legends | 
 percentage  | 18.5%     | 74%      | 6.5%     |  1%        |

[ sept 23-27 ]

 100 runs    | 30 common | 150 rare | 18 epics |  2 legends |
 percentage  | 15%       | 75%      | 9%       |  1%        |

iam guesstimating the actual drop rate is, 15% common, 75% rare, 9% epic, 1% legendary.

May i suggest at
Difficulty: Hard 10% common 75% rare 14% epic 1% legendary
Difficulty: Insane 5% common 75% rare 18% epic 2% legendary


Mine are a bit lower and i’ve done 200 runs on insane.No legendary found yet.
Epic : 11/400 items =2.8%
Rare : 168/400 items =42%
Common : 209/400 items =52.2%
From what i can see there is a slightly bigger chances on normal then on insane… weird.


wow i didn’t know drops are worse on insane difficulty, i still can’t do that mission on insane xD, one thing surprised me today though on my 71st run i didnt get a Mix Box which was shocking i thought they always dropped :S.
if the mix boxes don’t drop all the time i would have to factor that in as well for drop chances


Happened to me too like 2 or 3 times i think… i only do insane… because i wanted to test also if there is a diference between normal-hard-insane.
@Mordulec does the hard testing, you do normal, and i do insane. And then we centrelise the results and see the real deal.


ok i will update once i reach 100runs


someone here drop a legendary on BB ?


I did! I got the SuperCharge Protector out of the box.


you got a legendary “premium” ?


The SuperCharge Protector’s base rank is legendary, so yeah.


lucky :wink:
but now i know we can find legendaries thx


with 20 BB on Hard i got :
13/40 common
26/40 rare
1/40 epic
im not very lucky


finally finished 100 runs , got 2 legendary in a row :D, on 95th and 96th run. i will edit update my first post with new statistics


Which level you played, @Libyano?


He is doing normal.
I must conclude he is either very lucky. Or that the chances on Normal are better then Hard and Insane.


I am still sticking to hard, but I find it more and more frustrating. Today I did 2 insane raids, 1 epic 3 rares.


So, here are my numbers:

Comments: the total number of runs includes Hard only plus 2 runs on insane made today. I wanted to compile data from 300+ runs made before, but I did not take exact notes, so I just gave up this idea and started from scratch. I will record data until the first drop of the legendary.

As far as the premium boxes stats are concerned, they include my purchases since the nerf of the premium box.


Is Big Boy the only one boss that drops good items?


“Good items”, it is an overstatement… Look at the stats, epic droprate of circa 8% is lousy… BTW, enough of this shitty Insane mode, 2400 HP (FULL) is not enough to defeat insane big boy. Just received a hit from the physical orb for 594 HP… 594 HP on insane… Thanks, BG!


there’s weaker boss bro maybe you should try if u brag about insane boss drops trash maybe u should stop grinding then u dont deserve a good item if u dont work hard right? Stop the hate


Erm… right… I am speechless…