Drop chance only affects box or pack?

ok so… does the drop chance only affect premium boxes or premium packs as well? @Sarah247 @Mohadib

for the face shocker drone it affected both boxes i believe. However Im not 100% sure of this.

Affect both boxes i believe

Well i dont suppose i want to spend all my tokens on buying like 80 premium packs just on a “i believe”

As i recall during the face shocker drone, in the market it showed a “special” sticker on both the box and the pack. Here it only shows on the box. But with Tacticsoft, you can never be too sure about how correct something is. They had “increased chance to drop new drone” written in the box description during the higher chance to get the repulser.

(Screenie from secondary account)

And i just checked the descriptions for the premium box and pack and they’re the same thing reworded

I’ve offered to help the dev team with spellchecking and going over updated content before release and to work on the wiki (Sarah said she wouldnt mind if any players came forward and volunteered to work on the wiki but ignored my message replying that i volunteer) and even helping them write update log posts for when new updates come (i used to do that when i was a head mod on another game) and i dont expect any compensation. But the devs and Sarah just ignore my messages

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Pretty much every update comes out untested and not checked for mistakes. Looks kinda rushed

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Even Is Hard Mode :umbrella::smiley_cat:

I would like an answer from one of the devs about drop chance increase in packs or is it just boxes? Otherwise it would be a waste of tokens buying boxes.

But at the same time, pretty often what the devs say turns out to be the exact opposite if you actually do your research. I just dont want to do my research with tokens. That could get expensive

Same… if probability of obtaining this weapon is greater, and is a legendary, it also serves to upgrade. The offer is good to get myth items (in this case this weapon) to upgrade.

Hope you’ll get some good legendaries from that 29k tokens and not just a waste of money.

Very much seems to be box only with increased drop. An interesting example of false advertising is also present - it now says 5 cards for 75 tokens… I wonder if I will get my extra 4 cards per box if I send a screen to Tacticsoft? I know for a fact my credit card will give me my money back… I took a screen and am gonna buy A LOT single boxes (I do not advise anyone to follow my example but you are free people) Kaen - I advise Tacticsoft to take your offer of help!

I did get this weapon from my test:

but I can confirm it is NOT 5 cards for 75 as advertised. It is only 1 - the drop rate is not noticeably increased on legendaries in general.

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What is this weapon? Never heard of a legendary item that can not be transformed into myth.

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It is a strange new Top Weapon it seems!


It’s not a new weapon.

I will not get it, spend 75 tokens yesterday, well, the ramboy trafficker will give it to me xD

like i said in another post guarantee 5 epics and get 1??? for a 75 token premium box.:disappointed:

It was very good to be true

Suppose the sign is wrong, because it says 5 guaranteed epics, when it actually gives 1. ok

Now, when you buy something, the merchant, the seller has the obligation to deliver to you what it says on the sign and at the price it says there! If the seller was wrong, bad luck for him, but he has the obligation to give you that he says!

And this is not different. When you buy something on the internet, you have the right to claim what has been offered.

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Bad if someone believes it and buys it only for 5 epicas I wonder if they will return the tokens or they will not give anything