Drones that go on the floor

a drone can be “an unmaned aircraft or ship” i dont think it would be too much of a stretch to call an unmaned tank a drone as well. The real question is why do our drones shooting increase our heat/decrease our energy? HmmmmMMM

“An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a vehicle that operates while in contact with the ground and without an onboard human presence.”

As Rc1 said previously. It’s not a drone if it operates on ground. It’s a UGV. (I prefer to use the correct labeling for it).

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Might I ask, what is your problem with me and why you’re posting my stats?

@Mr.E might wanna check your clan member. Seems he has a thing for me. (if he’s not in HTK, someone check him).

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I made mah own :stuck_out_tongue:
How does it fire?
Find out later xd

whos details are they then

They’re mine. For some reason this lad, has been on my ass for god knows what reason. As if I can’t be on the forums reading…

oof. welp, not all 12 year olds have been taught to mind their own business I suppose

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You are wrong. i invite you to compare yours numbers 1 by 1 details. Ok…

Having seen your earlier replies on different topics. I highly doubt you wanted to ‘compare’.

And why should i compare? there’s literally no reason to. Other than you judging me for no bloody reason. So take a hint and bug off.


you can think what you want, but those statistics are not your statistics and I take random values ​​from several accounts and create an image of your own, those statistics do not belong to anyone. with this it is verified that the system of flags does not work correctly since the moderators do not verify the data, they do not verify the information. to see if the accusation is true or false. so thank you for helping me to check my theory.

stop watching cartoons here in this game nothing is bloody. they are robots, there is no blood. really if you are going to speak, do it correctly using at least the minimum of coherence in the words. “Bloody reason” I laughed that. here now try to establish own terminologies with the idea of ​​creating a matrix of very generalized terms. In a multilanguage forum that represents a problem since what for some is an expression for others can be an insult.


Early Military Drones
what about this one?

Arcording to this picture…that is Goliath from WW2.
These are probably exploding drones.

Still no

you are right
but those are still called drones sooo yeah

btw i find it funny how they call this think Goliath(which is an ancient giant from the Bible ) and germans called the biggest tank in the world Maus (mouse)

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Germans back than were strange. To say the least (and no offend anyone).

Also I quite like it, but it’d likely need wheels rather than tracks.

Trust me.
They like to call opposite stuff’s.

I love their culture

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yup that s true
like ts call en mechs heat god or things like that?

tanks tanks drones

now i m on topic

I don’t think so,it’s probably bug or something.

We are off topic by the way.

Hey guys though you have got to admit it was still a good idea

Your title, “Drones that go on the floor”, always make me think of drones dancing on the floor. It’s quite hilarious when I think of it that way.