Drones that go on the floor

a drone goes on the floor nothing else
here is a pic of one i just drew a while ago

just a visual thing
adds no special abilities

  • yes
  • no
  • its a great concept
  • no i will just stay to floating drones

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okay guys could any one think of a name instead of calling it drone

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“Essentially, a drone is a flying robot.”

It would defeat the purpose of calling it a drone if it were on the ground.

But I’ve my own idea of how this could work. But we’ve got drones. Live with them as is.

the idea you had could you explain it to me it sounds kind of interesting

These kinds of drones would kind of like bring some “Pizzazz” to the SM universe, and I already have some ideas on how they would work and look.

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you could post your ideas anyone can if they think its good

so its a roomba i guess?

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This was not your idea.

which one the concept or the pic

The concept.

makes sense i never saw it any where so i thought i thought of it first probily thought of it 3rd

Here you go:

What if there was a drone that's on the ground?

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it’s not a drone,but a mini-tank lol

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Drones on the floor? Maybe they get rid of the scrap metal :joy:




If it’s on the ground, then it’s called an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), not a drone. However, I find your title interesting.

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You think it’s ok if I redraw this?

I’m bored and don’t know what to do now lol.

Will take a while though.

Yo, that looks like a Mouse Droid, from Star Wars :mouse:

Maybe you could make it a repair drone, healing for 25HP at Common and 75HP at Mythical

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I will to try and draw one in my concept.

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