Drone Use Idea :)


How about a drone that shoots every other turn?

Makes it easier for less OP mechs


maybe…I dunno…wait every other turn as well as after your turn?


nevermind bout that {the stupid 20 character thing hdfgjdhfgdjfh}


nevermind about the question


no just no…stop it


What’s funny is a drone overheats your mech/ can’t fire if the mech shut downs. In reality, It’s not even attached to the mech


I was thinking about this too , but top players are just flat out donators and will be even harder to beat. think Logically


Well,that is a fantastic idea but it has to be like a Double edged sword


i didn’t under stand


I want drone which push me towards my opponent


Just use a regular weapon for that.

Also, drones shouldn’t be powerful enough to do that.


This energy mechs with big rollas run when they see two bam bam.


i don’t like this because when you have a energy bot you need your drone to get energy breaks


true, but it would decrease heat power since theres a drone thats more like a weapon (face shoker)


i wish they still had that drone that heals you


You mean THIS drone?


yes…20 characters


@Erik_Huang how much does it heal what is the stats on it?


39 health


depends on the lvl and the Mk…33 healing lvl 1 Mk I if I’m right, 36 healing for Mk II, it gets around 1 more healing/lvl if I’m right…