Drone Dilema (Poll)

I plan to become an energy mech that’s more focused on drain rather than damage in the future.

I’m wondering whether I should go with Face Shocker, Torment, or Snack, so I need some input:

  • Torment
  • Snack
  • Face Shocker

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I know that WindForge is the best, I just don’t have it.

Windforge > Face Cancer (Face Shocker, DUH!) > Torment > Snack (imo).

How true, except for the fact that the face shocker hurts more than face cancer


Face Shocker does as much electric damage as Windforge but you already know it’s one trick…
Actually,any of those 3 could make a great build.
Torment damages energy cap,Snack snacks resistance and FS…
Yeah,I’d go for FS.Pretty suicidal drone but that things rips.

Face shocker can work better for some better builds.

What mech are we working with?

Dunno, ask nemesis, but if he doesn’t have Bunker’s and/or Valiant’s, FS works nicely.

Don’t be too sure about that…


Supermechs isnt pokemon , you fool!

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Face Shoker. :smile:

Very easy…

“I want to use an Energy Mech”

“Do you have Windforge?”


“Ok use Face Shocker, nothing else”


Whoops – Sorry, I forgot a Pic:


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I recall seeing that before. When you made a post about it lol

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The main reason I listed Torment was because I use Ash Creator + Malice Beam + Hysteria.

Other than that, I’d take Face Shocker.

Ash Creator drains a lot of energy, and Face Shocker drains even more, so. . . That’s the main thing making me pause and think, along with Face Shocker’s limited uses.