Dreams do come true


The funniest thing was that when I opened the Fortune Box and the colors were flashing, my brother came by and said: “Yellow Yellow Legendary!”. Then, when it hit yellow, he said, “It’s not an l-m.” Then I got this baby. :smile:

Just keep opening those boxes! You’re bound to find something worthwhile at some point.




Lol how wrong he was wasn’t he xD
If it was Iron Frenzy, how will you react :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d just say HAH in his face but feel sad inside instead of laughing hysterically and thanking him over and over.


I can C 4 REASONS why you were the BOMB of happiness when you found spartan carnage :wink:




guys we should make a trading system


no, that is retarded and horrible


If i can get a bunker , ash , valiant im going solo medal