Drawings with hidden text about SM


After spending time on an extremely interesting job-earning tickets for Titan-I really want to smile and give a smile to others. Therefore, I offer the following entertainment - everyone who wants to show a picture of SM with hidden text. The community tries to guess what it means, and only then opens the hidden text
The suggested exampleimage EMP after nerf
I am waiting for your suggestions


Picture needs caption ?


yes …hidden caption




So you’re asking TacticSoft to add this option whenever you try to make a post on this site ? We’ll see


image member of the HTK


image 5 premium packs for 1000 tokkens


waiting for match in arena


gets matched with opponent with maxed resistance of your mech type



Guy waiting forever to save up Titan Coins for his Premium Pack, and gets nothing put purple poop



A player who did not play for a year and a half and entered his account



ts after 100$ ppl and tokens



when devs want to introduce floor buffs again, after they removed it, because of unbalanced

or even better

every decission tacticsoft makes, I feel like this


Image result for close calls

Nothing to do with SuperMechs… I just thought it was funny :rofl:


image f2p player got PP


had the win in your pocket,but you put away your drone instead


Tacticsoft’s "Art of the Deal" with the Special Offers.


monkey%201 real life selfie of SM players just joking… mabey


Lol… Makes me cry of laughter with this thread…!


Dave Grohl rules :yum: