Dragon Ball rational discussion


Hi all i made this thread to talk about stuff. If you include any spoilers please use the spoiler function thing.


Ok so i was playing Shadow of War and there are some moves you do as the ranger and the move involves the wraith (like, he helps and without him it wouldnt be as effective) and whenever i see that it reminds me of the father-son kamehameha wave Gohan does because the wraith in Shadow of Mordor is kinda ghostly, just like Goku when Gohan does the move.


Saiyan Prince is Backkkkkkkk!!!


He also got his butt whooped though.


watch the next episode , Vegeta is getting a new form.

Also Jiren is like a tank hasnt seen him much vulnerable yet.


that episode had me super excited. i couldnt understand why he was able to do better than Goku until i watched one of those shitty youtubers that explains things. but Vegeta is currently a lot stronger than Goku. if anyone has a chance of beating Jiren, it’s definitely Vegeta or Gohan when they get ultra instinct (Vegata because his base form is a lot stronger than Goku’s, or Gohan because he is very similar to Jiren already with the type of training he goes through but with Ultra Instinct that should push him past that)




Wtf. God of destruction toppo


I have doubts c-17 hide power

who will win ?? ouch


Are these balls really related to Dragons? I mean are they really dragon balls?


Idk. I kinda doubt it. Android 17, in my opinion, doesnt seem any stronger than Frieza. Goku and/or Vegeta would have to frick frack Toppo inyo submission.


Vegeta will fight Toppo in next episode , but dont forget 17 is strong , 17 & 18 killed all Z fighters in future trunks timeline just for fun. He might be a sleeping giant atm but still a giant.


But how much time has passed since the time of the android creation? The z fighters have been getting stronger since then.


I doubt 17 can defeat A God of Destruction. Next episode says “Vegeta surpasses a power of god” so I am quite interested in what that means.


Im pretty sure if one of the saiyan monkeys becomes a god of destruction, it will most likely be vegeta. Not goku. Not gohan.


I like how hecking obvious they name their episodes. I remember while watching DBZ it was ezpz to tell who was gonna win in a fight or in which episode the main bad guy gets rekt, just by the name of the episodes.


Yeah I thought so also Kaen. Spoiling their own show…


Ok… that happened. So its now Jiren against Goku, Vegeta, and Android17.


Toppo’s mistake was giving up on justice


Man i dig this vegeta version of things how he called Toppo shit cause he didnt standup for something he believed in (Justice).