DRAFT EVENT ! (BD:EA , Battledawn Earth arena)

So who all dont know its the Mobile version of BD which is still in alpha and only 30% complete .
We are having a draft event where there will be few people selected to lead and they will choose people 1 by 1 who they want on their team and then the era will proceed.

All BD:EA eras are 1 month long no more no less and speed is same as 01 ticker.

If u wanna learn a bit about it before just getting put on the battlefield u can plant now and we can hook u up with an advisor who will get u through all basics.

Basic Requirements to join BD :

  1. Should download the app ofc.
  2. Get LINE (BD EA community doesnt use skype they use LINE)

If u are interested please message me or Greeny on LINE our LINE IDs are banebdea and GreenyBD .

U will also find some familier faces there like
Dodgeas , Matt/Flash , Greeny , Darky , Iceman , PHIL , Ramik , Choka , Carter , Anonymous , Scarface ,FNF , Conqui, lot of TK friends …

I hope u guys join cause BD:EA community is growing atm and hope we can have some fun eras there.

SO awaiting your reply on LINE.

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As your post implies that there would be a lot of players from BD, so I’ll surely give it a try.

I tried playing that sh!t Only later I realized people were abusing bugs to travel instantly around the word! WTH?

Also there is no rewards for completing an era in top 3, what’s the point in playing then? Lol

as i mentioned its still in alpha and they gonna resume the work in it sooner or later as they are almost done with SM.

They just fight for the fun of it , as much i know u play SM and there is a reward of doing even the simplest of things in SM but then again u still want to get your account deleted and not play it , so reward is not a problem i see here.

Also i am not here to argue why u should or shouldnot play Eartharena , its an invite for a special event era , if u want to then message me on LINE if u dont want then Dont , its upto you if u have the time or interest in trying it. But i can assure u its a lot fun when u start to understand it. And dont compare it to BD as its very diffrent atm , in BD MOST OF THE TIMES its about taking a big battles or a succesfull spy trap or nuking and killing your enemy while eartharena is about fighting for every single mine and op and unlimited squad to squad war. Activity is much more important there as compared to BD as u have a limit for maximimum number of squads too.

i will just say come and try and u wont be disappointed if u find someone who can teach it to u , otherwise u will always see it as a bad app cause u dont understand it.


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talk to me when they bring back 5 types of units

So Polls for the leader are almost done and here are our leaders after voting :slight_smile:

Roster is also here :slight_smile:

And we have selected our first few players too :slight_smile:

Lets hope i am not the last pick XD

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I’ll download it, why not?

I could use someone to show me the ropes on this one, if someone wouldn’t mind?

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and now we have apollo too :smiley:

So Draft picks were done yesterday and teams have been selected , here they are

All teams look pretty even atm , and event will kick start after current era is over which is almost in next 1-2 weeks done.

Thankyou to everyone who joined us there and helped us fill teams in such short notice. Hope we have a nice event.

i will try to keep things updated even during the era as much possible. :slight_smile:

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is it allowed for me to drop with a team and just kill you all anyway

most probably u will get gangbanged like M1

u can try , but i dont feel you can kill us all , pretty much end as alliance ranked 4 or 5 is your best shot in your first era.

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mate i already won my first era, alpha 3 with TLA

yeah ik , but now just like .com BD or galaxy BD they have circles , circles of players who play with each other and help each other , and like to see each other win. Pretty sure these groups were not that dominant a year ago , but now they are. And as you will go fresh into the era without knowing anyone chances are people who already know each other or play with each other will try to make sure one of them win instead of an outsider. And u are most likely to fall to a gangbang.

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Nice too see people planning events, even if it’s not for .com :slight_smile: Good luck to you all!


Sure. I have my fun killing people, not winning easy eras. If it was on my hand I’d wish to play a 2/3 vs 1 all the time. Gets me going. Already had enough wins to not care

I was just mostly asking if I’m allowed to. If I’m winning is only on my hand :wink:

Era starts in 3-4 days , a little glimpse of current battles still going on even after 1 month of fighting :slight_smile:

This was a battle between Rank 4 and Rank2 alliance after 2 weeks of dancing over ops they finally went for a headon.

This happened when one of our teammate stabbed us to join our enemy while taking down our network and giving a free acess to the enmies in Australia on our shardkeep , the pic is when we reached our shardkeep and took the battle with them.