Draft Box : VERY easy conecpt

Drop rate of the box - 3%

You drop 2 guaranteed legendaries , you get to choose only 1.

What you think @Sarah247 & @jonny


…it will be hard to choose between 2 good legendary items…like maybe the bunker shell and the valiant sniper


Well i like tat idea! It would be a great way to obtain legendaries and that you can choose one of the items that could be more useful for your mech.


good idea !!..


I think this idea better used in arena season award. (20) 3 rares chose two
(15) 2 epic chose one (10) 3 epic chose two (5) two legendary chose (1) three legendary chose two.
And another is you can buy a draft by 500 tokens in shop, you can chose one legendary from all the legendary( yea mythical plates…)
What you think?


No waaay they would implement something like that.

You’re on the forum of the wrong game,mate


It’s like FIFA :joy: This text will be blurred


Good idea.But,wouldn’t be nicer if it is buyable with coins,but instead of legendaries,it’s rare,but instead of 2,it’s 3.So,no p2w player would go ape crap.