Draft Box (easy concept)

Draft Box easy concept:

Get the box from any mission with a 5% chanse drop

  • You get 2 cards
  • Epic or Legendary
  • You get to choose 1 from the 2
  • The box drops on any mission

Video For A Reference :

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Ok, so why would anyone pick any rare item? Lol

They would always pick the Legendary, unless it’s an Epic Item that they are looking for. :slight_smile:

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Ok but usually it would be 2 rare items. Its not guaranteed legendary. And with Tacticsoft drop rates, im sure legendary would be very rare.

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Let’s say 5% chance of getting this draft box on insane and a 30% chance of getting a legendary. Would be a balanced way of getting legendaries in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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30 % are you serious lol 5 % at max :smiley:

i know game had the same chest mechanic (stealed probably) but think on it royale give u to chose because u need a lot of cards of the same kind to make ur “troops” stronger, here the system its pretty different
But! its a good thing too
if we got this box as xmas/new year gift and we can chose 1 epic & 1 legendary item
that would be coolest thing TS can do x they players
but theyre greedy so probably if they give us something to choose it would be on commons