Dr.Kran's Sphire

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  • Name : Iron Generator Compound

  • Health : 1,000,000

  • Defense 3000

  • Weapons : (x2) AA cannons : x6 - 7500 Damage

  • Factory Options : None

  • You must defeat the bridge guards to get here first.

  • Armed with AA Sky castle flaks fully operational.

  • Faction Name : Ectigon a chemical organization for scientist and research econ has been established.

  • Faction Icon :

  • Gold coins

  • Silver coins

    Top secret weapon upgraded

Bridge has been constructed.

Fleet information : Mist tank ambush

Fleet II information : Base siege demonstration

cool stuff

is this your art?

These are pretty neat, reminds me of the small amounts of pixel art I used to do before I got into SuperMechs.

i like these arts too…

could you try to do some mechs tooo?

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I wasn’t on for days because of this reason.
Was kinda kicked for amount, reasonable enough.

Most staff members should be demoted for this reason though.

This is the reason why I was offline, and this is what I’ve said.
Off-topic content - Just so you make a better guideline that shows me exactly if I’m wrong/not
This is what was done, and if there is aggression found it would be in offensive language or misuse in features.

Staff members > Complaints of misuse of features < Providing fraud information of there being terms to an existing feature < When terms were supposed to be provided before warnings/accuse of wrong >>
They’re not even wrong if their are no terms found for the feature.
You’re wrong if you warn/threaten them.

This is your forums/home I’m very understanding, but that doesn’t make you right.
All you’ve done was accused me and without a warning or marking of my writings being aggressive you used your feature on me and ignored fact. Fact isn’t wrong, your beliefs are wrong and your off-topic justifications are wrong.
Report > Staff members > To owner/responsible for strangers < You’re providing off-topic fact > Me providing on topic fact < Results aggressive use of a feature’ <

Accused of aggression > Report results < Applying to my writings/user aggressive features and belief/fraud information of there being any terms/warnings <<
The forums being your home has nothing to do with being right/wrong. And that’s off-topic, I’m only complaining to you because there are no existing terms when using the feature or on your FAQ which should result some improvement and demotion for unnecessary harassment.

If there were any warnings of anything that isn’t found in the FAQ or the used feature, not misused then that should result no consequences for me and all the players you’ve accused for this reason.




And yes, I couldn’t answer since I was temporary kicked by a staff member.
But I’d kindly ask you to remove your post though and post on my main page instead due to my game rules.
You can also play this RPG.

I’ll kindly ask for you to leave this post and comment at my main page instead.

And yes, I can do mechs too.
But I’ll kindly ask for you to post on my main page instead.
You can play also

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It’s my art by the way, do you mind removing your post from here to this post?

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prays at Dr.Kran’s shrine

spits on Dr.Clown’s shrine

Thats it im banning u

How does this feel?

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