Downloadable Version (Steam?)


How about we make a downloadable version, maybe try steam greenlight? simply putting it on steam will attract players. As an avid gamer, I know I have looked twice at games simply because it was not on steam. Steam is just so simple and easy to use, its like my library of games. Putting BD on steam would help attract new players and possibly keep them coming!

I know some people have shot down the idea of a visual overhaul. But lets be real, this game from the outside looks like pressing play will infect my computer with viruses. Its old and sketchy looking. Especially compared to this forum which looks clean and safe! With a new look people will come by this game and they will not immediately click off without even giving it a shot.

We acknowledge this will take time if done right! but I believe the pay off will be tremendous!

  • Downloadable Version.
  • Stick with Browser based.
  • Steam Version?

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A downloadable game would be nice but a steam version would actually attract new players :slight_smile:


I think that a steam version of the game would be great for recruiting new community members.

I do however believe that we should first work to improve the game and get it updated before starting development on a steam version.

Remember that the more versions of the game there are, the harder changes are to implement.


This is probably one of the best ideas I have ever seen posted on a forum. Your exactly right - It would hugely increase the traffic to the game!


Hey there

taking this game to steam would need it to have a independent base.
like a seperate executable file for BattleDawn.
Now, You know that BD is a Browser based flash MMORPG

Since it was made to be played in a browser it will take ALOT of changes for it to be moved to a independent base.

Also after that moving it to steam for a wide a wider audience.

And about changing the visuals would be another HUGE change to BD which would take another loooong time and also risk the current population itself…

Just my opinion…


I don’t think it would risk the current population on the visuals. Until the update, it’d simply be status quo. I don’t see many people hating a new visual UI (maybe some, but I think it would be overall positive reaction). Those these things may take time, I agree, they’d have good results. BUT, it would no doubt be a lot of work to get all these changes in.


I by no means deny the time it would take to implement these changes. I just feel that these changes would bring in more players, and what gaming audiences throws their money at a game better then steam? could be favorable for everyone!


There’s a lot of things I think we can improve right now and need to - new player experience, a lot of mechanics that could be so much more fun than they are right now, longer sessions (right now, if you’re a normal person, you’ll be bored with nothing to do within 20 minutes of trying the game :frowning:)…

I think once we get over that though - once the game is solid and every mechanic feels like it contributes to the gameplay in a meaningful way, a steam version could definitely be in the cards!

I think it should be a meaningful follow up after fixing the web version, not something we use to put in more players now. I mean – Steam can get you either a lot of hate or a lot of love, we already have (and love) the web version and there’s many players who haven’t tried it yet, I think if we work long and hard enough on BD, it’ll eventually seem fully natural to release on Steam. Regardless of visuals.

A fun game is fun, nothing can change that. :slight_smile:


Any chance that a new UI could be on the cards @Alexander?


Steam is awesome! That would attract a lot of players!