Downloadable Client

please make a downloadable client for windows

Please use the search button next time.

This idea has been asked quite a few times previously (once recently actually).

It’s exploitable and really would only cause more problems for the devs. So I’m sorry, but no.

This will never be a thing.


Why ask for it if it is a thing?

download swf file player.

Ask @BruceWayne for a .swf file of supermechs.

nice and easy , you should never open chrome again :slight_smile:

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Steps v

Go here and download the swf file player :

Download the SM SWF file.

www.mediafire .com/file/9lcgcoks72560w1/SuperMechs_new.swf

Open the file player.

Click File then open.


Select the .swf file

Press Open then Play.

There we go :slight_smile:


Some great tips going there.