Double speed in high arena ranks


Hi Pilots,

We are going live with a small experiment - we are enabling double speed in high arena ranks (15 or better). Should make 2v2 and 3v3 more fun, as the action will be quicker. This has no effect on the outcome of the battle, only the experience.

Please let us know what you think.

Happy mech’in!


Thanks :smiley: (20 characters)


Oh come on…



I don’t get the pun. BTW is 15 and better really high arena ranks? For “noobs,” I say 15 is a little low to ask for. Instead, I would suggest 10 or better


That is awesome!


I already believed that those on the internet had given me a promotion


only for the visual part… we dont get like only 15s/turn timer right?




where is this experiment? Is already on?


me siento como flash
I hope it’s permanent as the augmented exp make the game much better


Thanks @jonny for your information. Please fix raid system, any cheater can win easily. Cheaters make me lazy to play. Easy get tokens and gold SM… :joy::joy::disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:


I don’t like it.
The impact seemed more devastating when you blew someone up/shot 'em in regular speed.
The animation is too quick and (at least for me) doesn’t offer neither a better nor a more satisfying experience.
Please make this feature optional if you can.
I disagree with it.


Tested it a bit, don’t really felt impressed.
Some animations are too fast and actually tiresome to watch, I prefer standard speed.
Even 1.5x speed would probably work, but 2x is too much imo.


Yeah maybe 1.5x speed is better


Not the best feature.
It is tiresome, and takes away some of the fun animations… hook/charge and gun( now it look like hook/charge does all the dmg).
And what would be the point of it?
Matchs are alredy short, 5-8 rounds, takes less then 2 mins to have one. Even 3v3 are done in about 5 mins, why would i want it to be over faster… so i can wait another +10 mins to get another one? No no no… if i wait 10 mins to get my 3v3… i want to enjoy it… savor it.
IMHO it isnt a great feature.


Im try 5 minutes ago. Maybe its bad. Too fast, 1.20x, 1.25x, 1.35x speed maybe better


Now that they are accelerating the pvp, they could experiment with the campaign, the animation of walking the mech to fight or pick up things, so it would be more fun to farm usually spending almost 1 hour farmed


I kinda like it, the graphics could use a little help though.


Yeah maybe in campaign add option 3x speed or 4x speed


Totally agree with el metre, you wait 15m - half an hour to do a pvp no need to speed it. If you get one even if you lose you want to do it all :wink: