Double Mercy Double Spartan (Very Expensive)


Con una Mythplate fuese mortal, teleport 1kg not 11kg XD!


Lel.I hope it work’s you out.


Wow. That should be a beast of a build.

Let us know how it works out!


This is the build @lordgorgon spoke of a while ago. Surprised to see someone actually trying it. although plat plate would help so much.


If you ask me,I’d say it’s kinda inefficient…

I’m an idiot.
That’s actually a HELL of a build (but some more hp wouldn’t hurt to actually make it close to unkillable).


How’s that? Its got good options in all ranges but 7-8, the two energy-free weapons, and good damage output. I guess range control could be better, but it seems pretty good to me.


I edited my original post.
I thought SC started at range 4.
Even so,it doesn’t have a drone but it’s still a hell of a build.


or an orb physic + teleport 1kg + spartan + mercy + nightfall


Looks nice. A pitty there is no plat plate. For control purpose at short range, id also try to replace a mercy with a seraph, to see how it goes.


Not really an effectiv build …



En realidad es para uso secundario, no es efectivo contra mechs tienen mucha vida, en 2vs2 suele pasar
< @bestplayerintheworld


Seriously lacks HP. Even with such OP weapons, it can’t last against dual nightfall 2000hp mechs, or even averagely decent heat builds.


I think the res kinda makes up for it


With the res it should be an equal to an extra 250 hp


It doesn’t. Trust me. I have a dual Spartan with Mercy and 2179 HP, plus multi-res. High heat/high energy stats.

I tried lower HP. Not as much success.


@lordgorgon I think it is time to quit the arena battles o.o


??? This build with low hp is an easy win honestly. But i think Well does have a stock of plat plates, thatd change everything


El mech de betsy usa creo 4 mythplates
< El mío usa 4 epicplates XD!


full epicplates 0 mythplates XD!


O. Sorry for that mate, this build would be a killer otherwise. As it is mercys are just too heavy and you have to sacrify hp… a pity.
Do you have a seraph in stock? Dual spartan, seraph and mercy would also be a great combo (+seraph is low energy consumption, 13)