Double desolation

Is double desolation good for a heat build with decent damage? I’m not a new player but still far from having a perfect maxed out myth mech. Is double desolation a good idea for mid-game or should I go desolation + savagery instead?


Great for damage and a no energy weapon but not a great heater as it causes more heat to the user than the opponents
But don’t let that discourage you from upgrading those bad boys.

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Mostly depends on items what you have, because double deso reqruire range breaker weapon like shadow wolf or abomination ( or in worst scenario magma recoil) tons of plates for hp or monkey series (but still needs plats) and of course perfectly good drone like flame spear


I already have one maxed out, now considering which weapon should I use instead of vandal rage

I have a magma recoiler and heatpoint drone that is maxed out. Is that fine? Also, what would I need HP plates for? Desolation has no backfire…

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Tell me more.

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Dear lord. Desolation on its own is quite a bad weapon. To reach efficiency, dual deso builds rely on range AND ability to buffer dmg. HP is paramount on those builds.


What does buffer damage mean? I have a 2200 HP mech, is that enough?


Buffering the dmg means the hability to take a lot of shots.
2200hp is low for a dual desolation build in top rank, might be OK for your rank.

Absolute sweetness of a dual desolation build is its versatility and ability to evolve when/if you receive good items.
For example, the perfect dual desolation build uses 4 plates. If you dont have platiniums, you can use iron plates and swap them to platinium when you get some.


… not a good Drone for a Double Desolation build, cos with such a build you need turns to move also :exclamation:

Therefore using HeatPoint which needs turns to reactivate is contraproductive for this kind of build :exclamation:



Dual desolation is mostly good because it requires no energy. Virtually all of the top heat builds have this in common, although there are variations that use one energy-using weapon.

Zero energy builds are extremely strong, but they’re somewhat weaker if you don’t have access to platinum plates. Because regular plates are so much less efficient, you may have better luck with builds that use other modules if you don’t have platinum ones.

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in would like to hear @El_Metre opinion about it, he is the expert on heat builds…imo

I never mentioned top rank, I’m a casual player and my arena rank is 15. I just need something to farm harder campaign levels with ease. Currently I have 3 maxed out iron plates but I need some advice on legs, are there any worth maxing out except the claw and rolling beasts?

I know but It’s the best I got right now. If I get flame spear I’ll definitely replace it

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I’m not trying to be rank 1 in arena with this, I just need a build that clears hard campaign levels effectively. 2300 HP could be okay for that, I dont even have upgraded legs yet

Show me what you have, ill help you making the best dual deso possible with it.

This is what I have so far + a maxed out Heatpoint

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Ill turn back shortly.

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Id advise something like that, i dont have iron plates so i simulated with platiniums. Same for the shotgun.

Items you should target in the future to enhence that build:

  • abomination or shadow wold
  • multi res module (lm one)
  • platinium plates
  • heat long ranger drone

Hello mr lord gorgon since your doing builds can you show me a x2 sorrow, x2 eat dissolvers builds :slight_smile: ?