Double Corrupt Light is Stupid


‘Dude’ is a unisex term these days. I call my daughter dude on a daily basis, and I hear her and her teen freinds call each other dude all the time.

Maybe it’s just where I’m from?


Compare your weapons and other mods too. I have a very generic build ‘dude’. Screenshot your 2 mechs with mods showing, then we can compare overall.


My bad then, I’m not a native english speaker and I’ve always heard ‘dude’ used to chat with male people. Thank you for this insight! :slight_smile:



Please tell me there’s someone in my age bracket that loved this movie as a child

Also Wep has very good build advice for Mechs with hard hitting weapons, the reason I think you have a different experience is that without maxed weapons the fights last longer and heat becomes more of a factor. But yea I was just watching her fight she has 300 heat and 300 regen on her first mech (heat mech)


You are dead right there. Spot on!


I usually carry it with 2 cooling mass booster. And with that is enough.

However, when I use cart that advances 3 places, I have free 15 k. in the weight, that’s why I placed 3 cooling modules.

uisss … with 3 cooling modules resists any heat without cool manually.


Either go for dmg dealing heaters or mass heaters.
Mass heaters use savagery, not dessolation, since they are alredy energy dependant.
1 cooling and 1 heatengine works against phis builds and energy builds, sucks against some other heaters.
The other way to go is downblaze with supreme cannon, but there is that peoblem witb range 1-3.
Unfortunatly there are no non-premium heat wepons that can cover that.
If you are lucky to land an abomination, or redocking, you are in buissiness… if not, only the repulser will help a bit… not much since it just pushes stuff.
Another way is to use the phis grenade thing( sidewepon), it packs dmg but no heat dmg.
It will also fit a configuration of 2 corupts, 1 savagery, with 1 heat engine, 1 cooling, 3 energy engi ns, 3 epic hp plates.
Use nemo drone.
Any CL build will lose to a 2200+hp phis build with 220 cooling, and a range 6 wepon.
Heat suffers the most if lacking premium items.
You can use this as a slight guide to what you can build and what you will face:
Hope this helps.


Alternate config. Can still squeeze out some HP from the additional epic plates. Seem to be having more luck against physicals now, but I will get trashed by the blues.


Probably yes.

But you cannot have 1 single mech that works for everyone. If your mech is good vs. heats and phys, that’s right!

  • It suits you to get another desolation…