Double Corrupt Light is Stupid

So, after getting trashed a lot by physicals, I decided to myth another corrupt light to see if I could advance past lvl 4 by quickly heating up opponents. However, this came at the cost of 1 Iron plate, and an energy engine in terms of shedding weight. This meant going from 1840hp to 1695hp, and losing the repulser.

Result = fast track to lvl 7 almost.

What I noticed is that a combination of Supreme cannon and Corrupt light trounces just 2 corrupt lights. Besides, most Mechs at the higher ranks have high cooling and heat. Just doesn’t work well. The damage is also quite limited from CL.

Ultimately, I think heat has been nerfed too much. My mech is strong, but I can’t get past rank 4.


remove 2 heat engines, add 1 cooling booster and you will get spare weight

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Is that a Zarkares torso? How it it full black? Mine has some way brighter grey.

First of all,how to say it…CL is a Mass Heater and Desolation and Supreme Cannon are Damage Heaters.Of course you wouldn’t find CL all that useful to your build…Magma or Abomination might be of more use to you.
Second of all,I agree.Sure,dual wield Annihilations and even Nightfalls.Dual weild Valiants,Malice Beams for extra drain potential (or MB and Hysteria but they are almost the same thing,just a little range difference),Dual wield 1-use weapon (like Magma blast,Bunker Shell).Dual wield Last Words or any other pushers…But don’t dual wield Corrupt Lights.
Sure,it does cap damage,it can overheat better than than other weapons but it doesn’t really kill,you know…
And yeah,heat got nerfed…Some weapons heat you almost as much as they heat the opponent…Plus I,for example,kill heaters pretty quick with my phys and also win against mass heaters with my energy (for mass heaters are energy-dependent and I drain them faster than they could overheat me).
I also started as a little heater…Switched after the nerf.
I’m not saying that heaters are bad.There are actually some top meta heaters that shred anything…it’s just that mass heaters in general are pretty weak atm…
So yeah,dualing CL’s is pretty useless…

It got a graphic update recently.

He took this screenshot on mobile app, zarkares looks there a bit differently

Can’t afford to shed heat at the moment. Plus that confit change would only free up 35kg, and there is nothing I can add on for that. I will dump 1 heat engine once I have 3 at max myth. I would add another energy engine in place. I’m pretty stuck at the moment without at least 1 Platinum plate.

You won’t get one in the near future, don’t worry :sweat_smile:

Much more likely than a platinum plate is getting an abomination which is what you really need for your build. The plate would be nice though. Until then a Dawnblaze would probably fit a little better than the CL due to being dmg and resist which matches the desolation and supreme canon better than the CL

Damn right. I don’t tend to win jackpots.

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Have a leg DB that I could quickly myth, just not keen on shedding any hp in favor of weaponry. Besides at least 1 CL is essential to any heat build in my experience. The ability do degrade heat on other Mechs is more valuable than resist drain, which I feel is kind of crappy. Will look at alternate configs using your suggestions though. I would love an abomination, but very unlucky with getting legs in farming or in boxes.

You are very heat exceeded!

Zarkares only needs 2 heat modules, which can be:

  • 2 cooling mass booster
  • 1 heat engine + 1 cooling mass booster

That will allow you to place an additional HP epical plate.


OT: do you feel it’s enough in top ranks, for a heater, having just Zark + 1 heat engine + 1 cooling booster? While I feel 401 heat cap is okay-ish, I somehow feel 217 cooling aren’t enough.

LOL dude, I wouldn’t last against other heat mechs. Any decent heater must have at least 500/250 to be competitive against other heaters. The desolation is very demanding as well. No disrespect, but I have a lot of experience with the heat model. At this stage I can’t adjust. I’ve tried such configs and they don’t fare well. I need an abomination, and I need to max myth 3 heat engines in order to dump 1. Then I can only add energy. The weight of the top weapons sucks! But they are essential. I have no exotic weaponry. I keep getting CRAP from boxes.

Watch her fights, there’s actually sound reasoning behind the suggestion. Hell it’s gotten me thinking of trying that myself lol

Wep is a woman! Also, she’s consistently in top 10, so her advice may be worth earing :slightly_smiling_face:

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I´ve 2 heat mech with zarkares. One of them has 2 cooling mass booster and the other 1 cooling mass booster + 1 heat engine. I’m rank 1.

Do you still believe that it´s not enough? I can face other heats without problems.

Remember sometimes you have to know how to get away or when it´s convenient cool manually. Not everything is brute force. Not everything is to stand in front the opponent and hit like crazy.


Which one is better vs other heaters?
I need to pack a lot of energy on my mech since I’m running a non premium heater and non premium weapons are kinda meh, plus they need energy.
But as above, I somehow fell a lil bit uncomfortable vs other heat mechs.

Sorry if I’m using your thread @HateBlueMechs for info too! :sweat_smile:

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The second is better because it supports more. It has a little less cooling, but the max heat is higher. It is better for me.

Okay, that’s what I’m running too. Thank you! :smile:

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