Don't you dare change my titles


IF anything is OP The EMP is still op, maybe you should have added a poll like this
Does EMP Need a Nerf

  • Yes
  • No

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Not completly, resistances woudn’t change…
Making resistance more "OP" than it was…
But other than that, I agree ^^


By my logic everything that beats me that I don’t USE should get nerfed. Ha you puny peasants


Are commas included in what you don’t use? XD


Nerfing everybody else, thereby making you more OP, is more balanced than the current state of the game?



Considering the state of the game, I seriously don’t know…


For me, yeah. For others, naw. But I don’t care about other’s opinions. I just help myself. Like tactisoft.


I see what you did there! Shifting the blame to TS to get yourself out of the hole you dug.


TS dug the hole. I just expanded on it.


I meant the hole(s) in your logic (obviously)