Don't want nor like "MASS SELECT"


To many things to have to select in order to get 1 or 2 items combined each time I boost my gear.

I’m a fan of making it an option while leaving the individual sections as they were (ie; all torsos together, all legs together, etc…) not having to scroll down thru a 100+ items to find what used to be plainly visible

Thank you.


lol when boosting you dont have to use mass select, you can boost individualy too


Yes I can bro but my issue is now instead of having the item on the screen (or barely scroll down) to easily add it to boost an item within the same category (torsos, legs, etc…), I now have to scroll down thru over 100 items (from all categories listed on same page) or use “MASS SELECT” and spend more time deleting out the categories and types (physical, explosive, electrical) I’m not needing.

Like I said I’m all for it being an added “side” tab while leaving the category page alone (ie; having only that category shown and not all listed together).

It’s good for those who literally mass add all items no matter the category or type in order to max an item as quick as possible, but there are many of use whom ONLY boost using items from the same category and same type in order to get the maximum out of boosting items.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I totally agree.



i love mass select it saves a lot of time


Do you boost using any and all items available?
If so then yes it’s function works great.
Just wish they’d add it as a side tab leaving the old system unaffected.


Thats the point and I agree with you 100% :exclamation:

The “Mass Select” window blocks the category-select window.

I think that would be an easy fix for the devs @Mohadib @jonny :exclamation: