Dont update the game tactic soft, just create another

several players commented that the update is almost like a new game. next time u think about an update, just make supermechs 2 or 3. that way both games will bring u (ts) money and we can hold on to our hard earned items and player status. this way no one has to retire from the game


Question of the month :

Why tacticsoft should not do again in 2 - 3 years the same as they did now with this update (reset all invested time and money), after so many started again to invest their money ?

If you want, I can give you the answer to this question !


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I still enjoy the game and will continue playing it
I can just farm campaign and upgrade the stuff I have.

It will take me a long time before my mech is complete (The 1 mech I have)

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ok what is itā€¦?

Answer :

There is no reason for them - tacticsoft - to not do it again. It worked once ā€¦ new players think itā€™s a new game and start spending, some old players still start again to pay.
So it will work also a second time.

They will do it again !



Is it really a new game?
How does it differ in reality to the old one?
It has the same basic principal, money= winā€¦ only now you need more money.
let me ask you something @bestplayerintheworld, remember 3 years ago? The old game was in the second phase where a mix of skill and equip mattered the most, it was pretty balanced,no really OP wepons, no Godmode, not axes, flames, you had to think 2-3 moves ahead, calculate drain/heat, time your teleports/hooks/charge, it needed strategy and skill to win it, and some luck(legendary shotgun for the win), it was a fun game, sure it had glitches, and bugs, and lot of dcs, but we bared thru it.
And then the 3rd phase of the game came, the Godmode, axe and flame, the first cancer build was created(befor it was the needle one, but it wasnt that OP), what happened thenā€¦ player started to pay, alot, the income went 5x times what it wasā€¦ the pattern was created.It was around that time, when we, the payers started to couch up the big bucksā€¦ 100ā€¦200ā€¦300 dollars, to get the new OP items. And it went on and on for almost 1 year, new items, new drones, the old builds were shit, they stood no chanceā€¦ more moneyā€¦ more items, same meta.
The carrot was always in front of us, but we were too blind to see that, we chased it all over for 1 and a half yearā€¦the God mode electric coldfire/shotgun/novaā€¦then the phis moster breackers/novaā€¦boom evrybody had 3 of themā€¦ then remember when they changed the swarmers/shreders/stormers? Boom evrybody wanted those, 6 of them, straped on Godmodesā€¦ then they launched the new drone +33 heat, it made the diferenceā€¦ again chase chase chaseā€¦ like hamsters on wheelā€¦and thenā€¦ the Cancer Dymond Shell build, the 690 hp, with the new ultracooling moduleā€¦ a single module made the diferenceā€¦ you could pack a USA torso with 1024hp, and 145 coolingā€¦
They will do the same here, after we are done chasing the Platinum Plating, the magma blast, the ash generator, valiant sniper, they will just launch a new Super OP item, and evrybody will go after thatā€¦ the wheel is the same, the game is the same, they just increased the power of the items, and the price you have to pay for them.
The game never changed, it just became more and more money/time consumingā€¦ it no longer is the fun game it used to be.
You press play, and you know from the moment you see your oponent if you gonna win or loseā€¦ you barely have to do any thinking, just push button, like it was in the last weeks befor the update, same builds, all copies of the same build, no skillā€¦


exactly, tacticsoft strategy never changed, only the looks and items. but if the posts about ā€œretiringā€ are true several 100 players might have quit.actually i think, not even a ā€œtransformā€ feature was necessary, just higher grade weapons sounding or meaning something like"hypermythicals" might have brought in the income

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I Really agree with you, I was never a ā€˜Proā€™ player because I never felt the need to waste real money on some virtual game, but yeah, few years back, before they started to release a new myth every week, I felt the need to play with my brains, and yes I was able to defeat some top players(though very very few) once in a while with a not so great mech, just because they would do some mistake, but after those new myths, it was just - Pay, get the same build every top player has and play mechanically

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"You press play, and you know from the moment you see your opponent if you gonna win or loseā€¦ "

Kinda true happens with me

the only way this game can be fun for me now is if i never again pay a dime. F U devs for stealing all my hundreds (thousands?) of dollars and not even a measly message of thanks or explanation.

Bestplayer is right. They will do this again. Players like me are in the minority. New big spenders will come through. My aim now is to try get a top clan as a F2P player but it wonā€™t be easy.

Downgrading my rating to 1 star. Just cos Iā€™m addicted doesnā€™t make it fun.

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As long as everyone is having fun !