Don't touch my rank!

Please dont touch my rank.!!! :rage: :rage:


Good Job man, good Job

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Touch touch… touch touch…

Oh, you were referring to your rank? Oops.

honestly man I could deal with the fucked up loss and win thing (honestly I was a little biut pissed about it but I could grit my teeth on that one) but this is just too much.

can we get our shit together and fix the leaderboard yeah devs?


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Frankly, what comes to annoy me is not the fact that the server has bugs or that every time they want to update or repair something, something else disarranged.

What really bothers me is that they rarely tell us anything. That is, no one from the staff goes out to explain why this happened or to apologize if it corresponds.

It´s as if they believe that we are all children or fools unable to understand anything. I don´t want to think it´s a lack of education, but the truth is that it is very ugly that no one comes to say anything.

You have a business, you offer your product. We are the potential clients. We buy your product … The least you can do is give an explanation and apologize !!


They own it why would they want to tell you anything.

As the old saying goes “Let them eat cake!”

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By education. By good manners.
In my country people say “courtesy does not take away the brave”.