DONT QUIT (Read my story)


I wanted to share story which happened to me few minutes ago. So, I was entering 3v3 battle, and got rank 2 ( 330th place on list) as opponent. In that second, my sister steps on my internet cable and I lose connection. I thought I lost the battle and fall to God knows which place, but then, I re-log and find out that opponent quit second before this happened to me, and I even jumped few places. I couldnt believe how lucky I was.
My point is, DONT QUIT. You can never now who has stupid sister who will step on their internet cable, and you will get free win.

I want to thank that guy for quitting, but to also tell him to dont do that next time, he could’ve got free win without a battle.
I hope players will learn something from this, that sometimes luck means everything :slight_smile: Cheers :slight_smile: :dancer:


Sister-Love :two_hearts:



Yep it happened to me too, against a low rank, i was on mobile, and wanted a 3v3 … after 6 mins, i got bored and pressed back… when you do that on the phone and a game is found exactly the same time you press cancel… you aren;'t able to move, or do anything… and i stood there and watched how i lost that.
So yeah dont quit… you can win even the big players


Where do you live that you have to have your internet cable lying around where people can step on it?

Common sense dictates that a cable should be at the base of a wall and held in place.


I need to defense @Marija about that point :

Seems ThunderCat you have no clue how a big family works, with sisters and brothers !



Care to elaborate please?


You’ll get a lot further by instantly quitting than you will by getting a win 1 out of 20 times, and wasting your time the other 19.


I play on my laptop. I have a pc too which uses main cable, I dont want to use wifi cause my sisters are already connected to it, and its slow, can break. So I bought short cable to connect myself to internet :slight_smile:


Yes, you will get a lot further from number 1 on list :slight_smile: